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Friday, July 12, 2013

I DID IT! (no meat) And The highlights of my week

So I did it guys! I went meatless for over a week. The "experiment" was supposed to end on Tuesday but I kept going. To be honest, I think im getting the hang of this and may continue forward with this for as long as I can tolerate it. I'd like to see how I feel after maybe 30 days for now. I am wondering how my body would react. In reality, all I really gave up was chicken and any kind of red meat. I still allowed myself eggs, cheese, and seafood.
Ive only been eating the cheese sporadically and is from trader joes. Per the container, there are no added hormones, preservatives, etc (which is the main reason behind the experiment). So, based on that Ive allowed the cheese.

Some thoughts:

1. I feel good. I have to admit the first few days (and maybe even right now) I miss chicken. Eating chicken in salads, wraps, with rice, etc. has always been such a huge part of my diet (my whole life!) and now that its missing I actually miss it. Not tnecessarity o the point that I want to say :"forget this" but in a way that I randomly think about it and then have to remind myself that I am temporarily not having it.

2. Ive never been a big "red meat" eater so in terms of that, i dont really care much for it nor miss it at all from my diet. So, thats good.

3. I feel "healthier" (in my head) it may all be an illusion or a "placebo" effect or maybe not eating meats is actually making me healthier. I dont know. only time can tell.
4. Ive been eating really clean for the most part and it may have a lot to do with the fact that I am making a conscious effort to eat clean ('cuz we all know thats not always easy) this may go hand in hand with the "feeling healthier" thing. By eating clean I mean that Ive given up a lot of my trigger foods such as sweets, granola bars, sugary cereals, etc. The first few days were a nightmare but my craving for it have died significantly.

5. Ive noticed some other physical changes, but I want to see how much longer I can do this and see if i continue to see significant changes in my overall well-being.

The plan going forward: To continue this and complete 30 days. Meaning that I will come back with a full 30-day review of my life without meat on or shortly after 08/02/2013 (which is when I'll complete a month).

So, what have I been eating? in a nutshell:

Breakfast: I always have either one of these items: 1. Greek yogurt with granola 2. almond butter and organic jelly (from TJs) on Ezequiel bread OR 3. Whole wheat bread with egg whites/boiled egg + Cafe w/ almond milk.

Lunch: Stuck to either a tuna sandwich, eggs sandwich OR 100% whole wheat pasta with tuna and I'd have organic chips and fruit on the side

Dinner: this is where I had to get creative. See below for some of the items I had for dinner:

I leave you with some of the highlights of my week:

1. My dad's birthday (full post coming up dedicated to my dad, because he is simply awesome).
2. Emails that made my day! :)
3. Having such a close knit family and amazing parents (both of them)
4. I spent about 3 hours at barnes and noble after work this week and it was amazing. I grabbed some cafe with soy milk and journaled about different things going on in my life. Such great therapy which gave me clarity on a few things.
5. My virtual running team. Okay this is extremely weird but I was so excited to get up and run on Thursday morning that I could barely sleep the night before. isn't that crazy?! the power of support keeps astonishing me.

QUESTION: What are your thoughts on meat? (I love it. I admit it. But just curious on what a life without it is all about :)

Doing anything exciting this weekend?


  1. I like how you are doing fish. I could possibly go "vegetarian" but still eat fish (pescetarian, I believe). I dunno though... I enjoy my "semi-vegetarian" ways; ie: I eat meat and chicken, but just a small amount at a time, not the typical AMERICAN PORTION! ~3 ounces. BUt kudos to you, keep it up!

  2. Thanks girl! It has been a interesting journey to say the least. The thing I miss the most has to be the chicken, as I mentioned. But, I am with you-- I was never one of those HUGE meat eaters anyways. So, we shall see if and when i go back to my old "moderate meat-eating ways". :)

  3. Yeah, I think the "eating clean" part is a big part of it. I've known a couple of vegans who just replaced meat with french fries and whatever other greasy carbs they could get their hands on. You're obviously doing it the right way! Congrats on making it this long.

    I'm obsessed with meat. I like the idea of eating less (more for environmental reasons/feeling bad about how terribly animals are treated and less for nutritional reasons because honestly, I think meat is good for the body), but I'm a sucker for it. I'll have to try a Meatless Monday-type thing in the future.


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