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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Falling in LOVE with running (and a few things it's taught me).

Hey Everyone!

I know its been a while since I've passed by here. I've had sooooo many "catch up" posts running through my head that I had to make a list. I figured I start with what ive been doing the most lately which is running!

As Ive mentioned previously, Ive been working on building a routine involving "every other day runs" preferably in the morning (but squeezed in during afternoons when necessary). Ive been able to keep up with it and it really feels amazing. I think Ive gotten to a point where I look forward to my runs (who the heck am I?!) and as long as I have my head phones I am good to go!

My pace has remained kinda' steady in the 9:50-10:29 per mile range. However, one HUGE difference ive noticed is that I now find myself running with ease, not huffing and puffing and actually ENJOYING the journey. Ive never thought I could feel that way about it but peoples, its possible!! ha!

A couple of weeks ago while my parents were vacationing in the Dominican Republic (yeah and they left me behind, by the way!) my sister and I decided to go for a long morning run by the west side highway. If you ever visit NYC or live in NYC and are in to running (or even if you're not) this is a MUST place to see. It has gorgeous views and the atmosphere and energy during weekend mornings is awesome.

Below are some photos of our morning:

Warning: Awkward post-run pic below.

Post our run we swung by a "Fairway Market" near the track to buy some ingredients for breakfast. I found some cute mini-banana's I've never seen before so I bought them. Check these out:

And there you have it! Ive been increasing my mileage from 2.5-3 miles to 5+ miles on most days. I am not trying to kill myself but feels good to go longer and actually still feel amazing after the run. Cheers to running stamina and strength!
Here are a few things running has taught me:
1. To LOVE my legs, specially my thighs! Ive had a love/hate relationship with my legs for as long as I can remember. I mean, Ive always loved that they allow me to walk normally, exercise, etc. But I remember when I was younger I used to be SUPER self-conscious of my thighs. I always felt as if they had too much "jiggle" and would be mortified when I had to wear bathing suits not involving some sort of cover up. Well, I'd like to announce that I have learned to love every bit of my legs now. Whether they are perfect or not in other peoples eyes they are perfect in my eyes. Plus, I think all the running has toned them up to a point where I actually feel comfortable in short shorts. As a matter of fact, I wore some short-shorts this past weekend. Score!!
2. Confidence: To be honest sometimes I wonder who the heck am I and what ive done with myself. Ive always been the kind of person whom likes to be "under the radar". There's even been times when people have told me I am so quiet I am almost invisible! (scary). So it may come without saying that (in the past) I wouldn't be caught dead running around anywhere that wasn't inside a gym and on a treadmill . Or a track specifically made for running. Well, let me just say that now I find myself running ALL OVER MY NEIGHBOORHOD. On my own! No "running budy" next to me to make me feel comfortable. Just me and my headphones and my running gear waiving to neighbors, smiling at strangers, with my head up. Yes. Me. I know this may seem normal to most people but to me is a huge milestone and something im proud of. Ive come a long way! I don't know if this has to do with running but I also find myself being more assertive with people in general. Pure awesomeness.
3. It is possible to increase running stamina! I can hear the "of courses"  but I had my doubts in the past. I learned (once again) that my body is such a powerful-adaptable machine. If I can do it, so can anyone! My "running accomplishments" uses to consist of me running straight for 5-15 minutes on a treadmill. I thought that was all I would be capable of. Boy was I dead wrong! Ive come a long way to a point I never imagined-- running miles and miles on end without passing out! :)
And that's all folks. Thanks for reading.
Tell me, do you enjoy running or any other fitness activity? what has it taught YOU?

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