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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Checking in and my new Banana Bread Obsession

Hows everyone’s week going so far? How was your weekend?! Mine was productive and quiet to say the least. For the first time in several weekends  I didn’t go visit my parents house and rather did some school work and completed (or at least started) some projects I have pending. 

Saturday morning I attended a workshop I signed up for to learn about Reuters & Bloomberg investing sites/software. Yes believe it or not I am a geek and I voluntarily sign up for these kinds of things! Truth be told I loved every second and I learned a lot. I also made a couple of new friends which is always nice.

Saturday night I attended a dinner at the infamous Red Lobster with family. Probably not the best restaurant in the world but I just had to go with the flow and it turned out okay. I initially had absolutely had no clue what to eat and after staring at the menu for what felt like 3 hours I ultimately decided to have fish and tried flounder for the first time with a side of mashed potatoes:

I have to say it was good. Very similar to tilapia but Salmon is still #1 In my list of favorite fish so I’m not sure when I’ll give flounder a try again. For dessert I tried a “strawberry shortcake mixture” on a mason jar  (for lack of a better phrase) which was okay. 

 Had a great time with family and enjoyed a nice talk with a great friend :).

Sunday I went grocery shopping and got some fruit at one of my favorite stores recently—Aldi’s (post coming soon). While grocery shopping I also came across this drink which was on sale (2 for $4) and it was DE.LI.CI.OUS:

I also did laundry and relaxed. I took the time to call (yes, actually call!) a good friend and caught up for hours! Felt good to actually have a conversation over the phone considering all we do is text these days!

And by the way, Ive been on this thing lately where I am obsessed with baking banana bread. The bread gets better and better every time but then I sit on my couch and eat more than I should. Need to slow down on the inhaling of banana bread but happy that Im getting better at it. I seriously love baking and cooking. Its relaxing and comforting to me—kinda’ like an anxiety-reducer. This time around I decided to add a "twist" and made banana-oat bread following this recipe and here's the end result:

Boys and girls this was GOOD!

Confessions: I have been slacking a bit on the working-out/running area and eating a bit too much the past several days! I know a lot of my eating is emotional and I acknowledge that. How do I fix it? Thats still a work in progress...

I have a half marathon and a 10K coming up in October so I need to lace up my sneakers more often and continue rack up some practice miles. I am considering joining a gym for the winter months. I pretty much ran outside the entire winter last year but would like to try something different this time around. I am considering Planet Fitness. Any other recommendations? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Hope everyone continues to have an amazing week! Cheers! <3

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