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Monday, September 9, 2013

Red Mango V Pink Berry

Happy Monday everyone! Hope we’ve all started the week on the right foot. I am for instance looking forward to a stellar week considering that I had to wait 45 minutes for my bus this morning which at one point I felt would never show up and I got to work exactly 1:05 hours late. So, I decided that after that morning fiasco things can only go up from there!

Today is my first “official” week back to classes after a week and a half off thanks to Jewish holidays. I have to admit I am looking forward to my classes this semester. My finance professor seems pretty cool and laid back and he is actually an established professional in a career which I’ve been thinking about pursuing post MBA so I’m excited to pick his brain on that. I am also taking a “feminist-type” of course (I’m pretty sure that’s not the point of the class but so far feels like it) about women and entrepreneurship. I’ll be sure to share a few of the things I learn.
Anyways, so yesterday I went on a run with a friend. He is all of a sudden up for running and increasing his mileage stamina and so we decided to challenge ourselves with the hilly running tracks of central park and boy did we run!

After a 5+ miles (which included about ¼ miles of heavy sprinting) he decided it was time to do push ups, pulls ups, sit ups, mountain climbers—we even did jumping jacks (that was my contribution, don’t act surprised). I was a little flabbergasted considering that when I run (especially more than 3 miles) I feel that’s more than enough workout and no additional “extra-curricular(s)” are needed. However, I suppose he felt it was necessary to finish “strong” and so, we did. I can’t lie—it was a great work out all in all.
After out run + additional random strength training we decided to go for some frozen yogurt over at pink berry. Actually, he said ice cream and I looked at him like “who eats ice cream anymore?” And so, I suggested frozen yogurt @ Pink Berry. I had never been to one in my life so I was excited to try it out:

I forgot to mention this but a few weeks back while my cousin from Tampa was visiting we went to Red Mango after a Sunday afternoon of “tourist-activities”:

So, now that I have tried both places, what’s my verdict? Well, in all honestly, Red Mango wins hands down. Why?
-I get to choose my own toppings and pile them up myself

-I get to pull the handle of the frozen yogurt myself (and try different flavors before I commit to one in the process without having to annoy any of the employees)

-The flavors are just sweeter/taste better and the yogurt is smoother (in my personal opinion)—at pink berry I got the original “tart/sweet” flavor and it was geared more towards tart.

Although the pink berry was also delicious I didn’t like the fact that the workers add in the toppings for me. Hey—if I want to try every topping available I don’t want to be judged. So, let me add my own stuff thank you very much. Also, the location we went to was super small and really busy!  I felt a little claustrophobic in there.

After I got home that evening I remembered I had some fruit to cut up before it went bad. And so, I spent about 20 minutes cutting up melon and making myself fruit salads for the week. Mission accomplished:

One of the highlights of my weekend was welcoming back my little cousin whom was on vacation with her family in the Dominican Republic. I was so happy to see her again! She is such a happy/gorgeous baby although she was half asleep in this photo:
Love. Her. And her big brother. They melt my heart.
And that’s all folks. Thanks for reading! Cheers to a great week.
Tell me, Have you tried pink berry and/or red mango before? What was the highlight of your weekend?


  1. 16 Handles! That's my pick. I've never been a fan of Pinkberry and haven't actually tried Red Mango (which I'm sure is great), but 16 Handles has such great flavors.

    1. Hi Jeano! Ive been to 16 candles before as well and I agree is GREAT! I loved that experience too because is self-serve and I like that rather than people pouring the stuff for me :)


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