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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Lets Catch up Part 1: Divas Half Marathon *and* Rock N' Roll 10K

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I passed by here! We have a lot of catching up to do! Okay maybe not a lot but enough that I can’t see myself writing just one post so I may split this up between 2 or 3 posts max.

Where should I even begin? Well, I can start by saying that, as promised and previously announced, I ran the Divas Half Marathon which took place in long Island on Sunday October 6th and the week right after that, on October the 12th I ran the Rock N Roll 10K race which took place in Brooklyn, NY @ Prospect Park. So, basically a whole lot of running has been going on. I have to say both races were a lot of fun and it was great that I was able to share the experience with my sister and friends. The most important part of running both races was that I (once again) was able to appreciate my body which is capable of so much. The races were a couple of friendly reminders to love my body and not take it for granted. We should all remind ourselves of that even when we aren’t running/putting our bodies through strenuous activities but sometimes we all need a wake up call!

After completing both races I felt extremely thankful that the half marathon took place the week before the 10K. I am not sure I would have been able to endure it had it been the other way around. Here is a quick recap on both races.

Divas Half Marathon:
So, let me just start by saying that aunt flo’ decided to show up in the middle of the night just hours before the race. Lately this ‘monthly visitor’ has had a tendency of showing up at the most inappropriate times (i.e.: went to Costa Rica back in April and she showed up the first day of vacation). But anyways, somehow I managed to dress ‘appropriately’ and drank two Advil’s prior to the race to stop any cramps from gearing their ugly heads. I am happy to say that my strategy worked and I was able to run smoothly, with no discomfort, at least at that level.

The weather on the other hand was not exactly perfect. It was cloudy and at times some drizzle was coming down. The sun did not come out once during the entire 13.1 miles but at least it didn’t actually pour rain (although running a half marathon in pouring rain actually sounds fun).
My legs and knees were amazing until approximately mile 10-ish when apparently my extremities finally caught on and that’s when I really started to feel super exhausted. My poor right leg/knee was particularly not happy at all. However, I kept going considering that when you’re consistently running so many miles; it sometimes hurts more to stop. However, when exhaustion hit, I mentally prepared myself to stop and take a real walking break at around mile 11.5, which I did. I lost my running partner as she continued running but everyone is different and I had to do what felt best for my body. I picked up the pace again at around mile 12-ish and ran the rest of the way—taking it slow. I surprisingly picked up some type of strange (yet, extremely welcomed) speed at around mile 12.5 or so and finished strong!

My little cousin rockin' my crown post she gorgeous (Love her!!):

At the finish line I received the most awesome medal Ive gotten to date!.

My time was a little bit longer than my first half marathon (by about 10 minutes) but I honestly did not care! Two half marathons in one year has been quite the accomplishment for me and I am very proud of myself and my body. I may not be running half marathons at stellar times but I know what my body is capable of doing and an average of 10-10.30 (sometimes 11!) minutes a mile has gotten the work done and it works for me!! What works for you?

Rock N’ Roll 10K Brooklyn

Another super fun race! Thankfully aunt flo’ was long gone by the time this race came around so I had one less thing to worry about! The day was much nicer than the weekend before and although when my sister and I woke up for the race (~5:30 am) it was kind of dark outside; by the time we were all gathered at the starting lines the sun was beginning to peek through!

The weather was pleasant, I was comfortably dressed, and I ran the entire 6.2 miles quite smoothly. After running double that amount the week before; this particular race almost felt like a breeze! (Which is when I realized how grateful I was the long race had already been done and over with!).

I had never ran in Brooklyn’s prospect park before (or anywhere in Brooklyn) so I am happy to say it was truly an amazing experience.  

At the end of the race I got my super cool medal and tons of freebies (including several bottles of nesquick chocolate milk—ooolala so delicious). Another amazing race for the books!


Favorite Photo:

Post race we found this little dinner in some random street by the park and had the most delicious brunch!!

And that's PART UNO of my catching up series :)

Hope everyone is doing great! 

Tell me, Have you ran any races lately? What’s a “comfortable running pace” for you, especially when it comes to long races?

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