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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Why I enjoy a Healthy Lifestyle

Hey All!!

I haven't passed by here in a few weeks and you probably could very well guess why. When I start getting inconsistent with my posts it usually means I am dealing with a pretty stressful life or simply just have a whole lot going on and this is no exception. 

I must confess....

I haven't been running since October when I ran my half marathon and my 10K only a week apart. I had decided to take a break from running in order to give my legs some rest from the months of training and the actual races but the "break" has extended for longer than expected. The fact that we've had bipolar weather here in NYC which is now gearing more towards freezing temperatures has not helped at all!

What usually happens when I stop working out consistently? my "consistent" healthy eating also go out the door. I have to admit that I still incorporate healthy foods in to my diet most of the time. However, it is also true that junk food, fast food, and other not so great consumption have made their way in to my life one way or another. 

I must confess...

When I am stressed I feel anxious and when I feel anxious and stressed I overeat and I eat a lot. And it doesnt feel good. Food is delicious and is meant to be enjoyed but there is a thin line between enjoying food and having a balance and overeating/gluttony and having an "F*ck it" mentality, which is what I've been having lately on and off. 

Although there is nothing wrong with relaxing from time to time eating whatever we want and taking a break from working out; I do have to admit that I feel my BEST when I am in fact taking care of myself and my body. I am sure many can relate to the fact that making a conscious effort to eat wholesome super foods and making sure we get in a reasonable amount of cardio and/or strength training in to our weeks can make us feel amazing. Hence, although it isnt always easy to make the best decisions it is soooo worth it. Do you agree??

I usually get back on track by starting to plan my meals, adding workouts to my calendar, rekindling my relationship with my food journal (so therapeutic!) and simply deciding that I will do whats best for my body and myself. I dont do it for anyone else. I do it for ME!! To feel my personal best <3....There is something about making positive decisions in life (from food to exercise to relationships and everything in between) that contributes to making us feel like a million bucks.

I am not saying that life is automatically perfect when we eat well, exercise and loose those love handles. However, everything in life is a balance and I read somewhere one day that "if something makes you happy; dont question it, just do it" (as long as we arent hurting ourselves or anyone else!).

With that said, I have to admit that my BESTOWED box for this month came at a PERFECT time! I was ecstatic when I received the box with all the goodies and it was as if I "called" it with my mind. You know how they say that when you start thinking positive, positive things happen? I believe that is true. Receiving the box was the "materialization" of my positive mentality towards getting back to my healthy life. 

Check out all the GREAT stuff for November:

Hello, Gorgeous:

 Booklet with some information about all the goodies included + some recipes. It even has some "tips on eating and working out" in the back. (Loved this!):

All the AMAZING goodies:

What I love the most is that most of the items are things I haven't tried before. So, I am super excited to try some new stuff and see whether is something I'd like to keep adding to my diet, Here is a quick summary of the goods:

  • Wild garden hummus dip 
  • Crunchmaster Multi-seek crackers
  • Eat Green Tea
  • LifeIce
  • Nektar Honey Crystals
  • Perfect Fuel Chocolate
  • QUEST Bar--chocolate peanut butter <--- pretty popular on instagram, cant wait to try!
  • Salba Smart Chia Boost
  • Skratch Labs Exercise hydration mix
  • ZICO Chocolate  

The amazing peeps @ Bestowed are running an amazing deal---get the box for only $10 (instead of $19). This is  GREAT opportunity to indulge in some delicious goodies before November ends. The  code is HELLOTEN105 and can be used at checkout on their site by clicking here.

To enter the giveaway:

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Comment below when you do! Each action counts as one entry!! :)




*Bestowed gifted me a box for the month of November, and discount code. ALL OPINIONS ARE MY OWN. 

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