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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Semester is OVER! Time to R.E.L.A.X

Hey everyone!!!!

Missed everyone so much + blogging of course. Despite the extremely hectic last few weeks I have been able to sneak a peak at my favorite blogs here and there but nothing beats the leisure of reading away and taking time to relax without having to worry that I have a paper due tomorrow or that I have a very intense Finance final coming up. So, pretty much happy to say that is over!!! :) 

I have the next week off from work so I am excited to catch up on my favorite things more consistently: Blogging, family time, friend time, love time, time to work out, time to meal prep and bake goodies, time to spend time with the people that make me smile and just time to BE FREE. Nothing can describe the sense of freedom that being off from work AND school brings, even if its just for a week. So, I am feeling very blessed and grateful and looking forward to wrapping up this wonderful 2013 on the right foot.

Before I go any further just wanted to give a shout out to Lisa from "Something Infinitely Interesting" for participating on my last give away. Congratulations as you won the amazing Bestowed Box!! Please email me your mailing address ( so that I can make delivery arrangements. Thank you so much for participating. I didnt get much response on the giveaway and I have a feeling I am lacking a bit on my advertising skills for the blog. Not to mention I haven't really been making people aware of my blog as much as I used to in the past. So, no biggie'. Just something to work on!

So, whats happened since my last blog post? Wish I could say I traveled all around Europe on a private jet. However, the majority of my time was spent with my bank management book:
Here is a photo of me after I took my last final last week:

Lets just say that after nearly 100 note-cards later I was ready for it all to be over!!! Just quickly wanted to point out that despite another challenging class; I once again got a professor whom was very understanding and actually took the time to meet with me and discuss things I did not understand in order to make sure I would be okay. Always thankful for professors that actually care.

Besides finance, I took an "Gender Differences" course which was pretty much an entrepreneurship class focused on women business owners. It was AMAZING and I learned so much! Sometimes I wonder why the heck am I bothering with the degree and then classes like the ones I took remind me of why and put my career goals and objectives back on track and in to better perspective.

So anyways, all the studying, classes, my full time job and trying to balance some sort of social life was starting to take a toll on me back in November. The anxiety was transferring over to my eating habits and I couldnt remember the last time I exercised. Lets just say I was feeling like crap (...and pardon my french). Considering all the races I have done this year running outside had gotten kind of mundane and boring. I needed a change of pace to get excited again about working out so I took it back to the basics: I joined a gym!!! Besides calming down my anxiety and feeling better about myself I also wanted to join in order to start off the new year the right away. I dont know about you but "trying to start something" on January 1st brings a little bit too much pressure and thats when motivation seems to slowly fade away. In comparison, starting off on goals way before the 1st makes me that much more motivated as I transfer the momentum in to the new year. What do you think?

So, back to the gym: I am super, duper, FRUGAL so I did not want to spend a ton on monthly fees. I looked in to Planet Fitness which is the most affordable gym I know ($10 bucks a month, hard to beat that!). After much thinking and back and forth I finally decided to take the plunge and I joined a new facility near my apartment complex.

All I have to say is that I REALLY love it and it's done is job in terms of keeping me motivated to work out again. I have to admit in the past I had been a little skeptical about planet fitness due to some prior not-so-good experiences but I am so glad I joined this branch and look forward to my workouts. No better feeling than to getting back at it! 

Bathroom Selfie

Besides the above, Ive also been spending a lot of time with a good friend and simply just bonding away and feeling very, very happy.

A couple of pictures of decorations around Wall Street (taken right before I literally ran out of the vicinity before vacation):

Tree by NYSE


Hope everyone has been good and is ready to start out the new year on a momentum.
Any goals? I suggest starting out now!!! Even if its just a small step. There is no better feeling than starting the new year already ahead of the game!

Love you all and thanks for reading!

 Mabelle <3


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