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Friday, March 14, 2014

Grab a coffee, lets catch up.

Ladies and gents! I am alive. Grab a cup of Joe because this post may be kinda' long. Or maybe not. Lets see what flows...

Breakfast this morning:

Ezequiel bread from TJs, eggs, café.

Random side note—this blog is in some SERIOUS need of being re-designed. I’ve considered getting the help of a professional but somehow spending $500 or more for someone to update my HTML sounds kind of crazy. At least to me. But anyways, we shall see what I can do in the coming weeks. Even thinking about changing the blog’s name and/or switching to word press…a whole lot of brainstorming going on ova’ here.

But yea… I am alive. First of all, this is my first post in 2014. And second of all, I cant believe we are already in the middle of March. I can say I have a lot to share on whats been going on in the past several months but I suppose that is also dependent on how much I want to share here on the blog so, we shall see what comes out.

I am just happy to be writing again and thankful for this blog which is often a stress reliever for me and brings me so much joy. I was looking back at old posts and realized I should update this thing more often. Its nice looking at the transitions of my life (or read about them). Life is so eventful and changes all the time. Blogging is an amazing way to document all stages of my life because as we all know, nothing remains the same.

So where do I begin?! Last semester came to a succesful end and after that, I took about 4 ½  weeks off from school to relax and be free! I had plans to study abroad in Lyon, France but then realized it would be too expensive, which is likely no excuse considering is the experience that counts (I am not taking money to the grave). However, looking back at my decision I decided I made the right choice and who's not to say I'll get the opportunity to study abroad again one day (even if its some sort of certification, etc. Not necessarily a full degree).

Anyways, during my time off I had an amazing time doing absolutely nothing but going to work, relaxing, working out, enjoying the holidays (what was left of it) with loved ones and getting ready for a new year. I also spent a lot of quality time with someone I am currently involved with. As you may have noticed, I dont really share much about boyfriends and relationships on the blog or social media in general but maybe I'll get more comfortable with sharing as things move forward.
This semester I decided to be wild and do something absolutely crazy that Ive never done before in my life: Be a FULL time student while also working full time!!! In other words, for the past month and a half or so since the semester started; I have been working my regular 9-5 job while also going to school for 3 hours Monday through Thursday. Thoughts of sudden panic may or may not have crossed my mind as I typed that last sentence. I have to be honest in that so far I have been able to manage school, work and personal life somewhat quite effectively-- at least in comparison to what I was imagining before this all began.

Nonetheless, I will tell you guys a secret: when it comes to school V. work (specifically); school is in fact my priority. So, if came down to having to choose between my current job and my schooling, it is very clear to me which one I will immediately let go of. As a matter of fact, my plan before this spring semester began was to resign from my current job and take time out to really get immersed in my courses, my interests and plan my future post graduation. Has this happened? not it hasn't.

Sometimes I sit at work wondering why I dont follow my instics and why I am still sitting in my cubible. I cant lie that my paycheck is one of the main reasons I am still there. I am saving as much as possible and while I feel I can walk away confidently from my job right now and be okay (thank God for that!) I also feel like additionals savings can never hurt and so, I have stood the course. However something tells me this is my time to let go so I am not sure what my life will bring within the next few months. I feel like I am in the middle of transitions. Sometimes I am happy, motivated and excited. Other times I am anxious, worried, stressed, concerned, unsure. The last time I felt this way I was in the middle of a lot of changes but at the end of the day everything worked for the best.  I am not worried and I plan to approach this as confidently and optimistically as possible! I walk with Blind Faith.
Some additional updates I didn't mention (in a nutshell):

1. I spent 3 wonderful days in Alexandria, VA at the beginning of the year (back in January) after getting invited to an investing conference for women held by the Motley Fool. As some of you know-- I am obsessed with personal finance and investments so this was a huge deal for me. If you want to read more about this check out this post on my other blog.

2. Taking 4 classes! Not that you care but I am enrolled in: Marketing Analytics, Seminar in Finance, Managing an enterprise and Business Policy (capstone for the MBA program).

3. Ran my first race of 2014 a couple of weeks ago; a super fun 5K in washington heights (NYC) with my sister and some friends.

We even got a green bagel in the spirit of Saint Patricks :)

4. Despite my super busy schedule I am working on staying healthy. I dont have much time to work out but I have been walking as much as possible and making a concious effort to consume wholesome/nutritious foods; plenty of fruits, veggies, nuts, sprouted breads, lean protein, etc. So far so good. Looking forward to writing a post about this. I am kinda' listening to my body and realized (once again) that is a pretty unbelievably smart machine.

5. Contemplating quiting my job (more than I want to admit) but somehow I need to grow some you-know-whats. I care too much what people think, I fear confrontation and that's something I seriously need to face and work on. (I cringe just writing about this).


Whats new in YOUR life?
Have you ever wondered where your life is going? Have you ever felt in the middle of a "transition" how did you cop with it?

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