Ma Bella Vita: Fortunate Fridays: The {I have good people in my life} Edition

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Fortunate Fridays: The {I have good people in my life} Edition

Hey lovely people!

Hope everyone had a great week! Welcome to another edition of fortunate Fridays. I am so happy the weekend is finally here and cant wait to relax for a bit. This coming week is my spring break so I am super relieved to finally have a little bit of time off from full time school & work which has been quite the challenge to balance out.

How was your week?

Here is what I feel fortunate for this week:

1. Lunch trips to the farmers market and getting Red Mango with my favorite co worker

2. Having someone else give you their perspective on things
3. Homemade food after a long day (thanks mom!)
4. Bloggers that lift up my spirits. Favorite blogger these days--- Erica D. House
5. Warmer days (need I say more?!) can’t wait to run in this nice weather!
6. My amazing dad whom took it upon himself to take my car to the mechanic and fix some major issues it had (this definitely made my week). My car feels like new!
7. This amazing post

Favorite saying this week:


What do YOU feel fortunate for this week?


  1. warmer days! for sure ! and YES i posted that 30 things post, too! so true :)

    1. That post is awesome! :) One of my favorite things to do during warmer days is run outside so I cant wait! Thanks for stopping by.


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