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Friday, April 25, 2014

Fortunate Fridays {The Week I did something daring}

This week was full of surprises and I kept calling it my "best week ever YET" in my head.

I am feeling so much better about everything (one day at the time).
I have a feeling a lot of amazing things are in store.

And here is what I am feeling fortunate for this week--
{Including but not limited to}:

1. I FINALLY had the courage to quit my job after 8+ years in the industry and knowing (long ago) that this is not a field I wanted to be in (ahhhh!!!!!!) <--More on this coming up. I have A LOT to say on this one. Long post coming up. 5.21.14

2. My mom returned safe and sound from the Dominican Republic (and brought goodies)

3. The fact that I am learning how to be resilient in life, which is a great trait to have

4. I am currently doing business consulting for a company called "Brooklyn Sesame" and got some freebies during one of the meetings. Not only that but I ran in to the product at my local Whole Foods. #socool


5. Running again and reminding myself how incredibly AMAZING endorphins are :). I think I mentally solved all my problems after a few nice runs at the gym this week. Is incredible how perspective can switch to something positive after a couple of sweaty miles.

6. My sister is my new neighboor! And she came to visit me :) Love, love, love having her so close!

7. Spring break was over this week but the majority of my classes were cancelled! We are now on the last stretch of the semester! And school!

Now is friday afternoon and simply enjoying some yummy berries while wrapping up the work week.


Quote of the week:

Tell me, what are YOU feeling fortunate for this week? Weekend plans?

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