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Friday, April 18, 2014

Rekindling My relationship with Myself

Its been a while since I've spent quality time with myself.

This may sound odd but as AMAZING and wonderful as a relationship can be and as much as I look forward to falling in love again and spending time with a significant other; this time on my own is reminding me of how much I also enjoy time with me. With Mabel.

I went shopping earlier and while driving I caught myself smiling when I realized that hey! I am on my own again. I am learning to be on my own again and that's perfectly okay.

Being alone is not the same as being lonely. And I am far from lonely.
I am healthy.
I have a family that loves me, and whom I love.
A God that loves me.
I have a roof over my head (a nice one).
I have clothes to wear.
Food in my fridge.
An education.
A job.
An exciting Future.
And the list goes on...
My door is open to LOVE. I am not giving up on it because of previous circumstances that will have no effect on my present or my future. However, until it walks in to my life again. I will enjoy this time with myself and make the absolute best of it. <3

Cheers and TGIF!

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