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Friday, May 30, 2014

Fortunate Fridays {Graduated- and now life begins again, Edition}

Hey Everyone,

So first of all my apologies for a "mix-up" of post this morning. No one probably noticed it but in case you did... please disregard :)

Moving on to fortunate Fridays. As you may know, the highlight of my week was commencement and everything else that happened this week was kinda' of a blurr to be quite honest. So, I had to look deep inside my brain for memories of this week that made me smile and feel fortunate. I came up with some as usual. So here you have it:

1. This past Sunday's episode of Super Soul Sunday! If you haven't seen the episode I highly recommend it! The topic is "Happiness" and the guest is Harvard professor Shawn Achor. I believe part two is coming up this Sunday so, I recommend you watch it/DVR it or whatever you need to do. You wont regret it! And who doesn't love Oprah's super soul Sunday series?!

2. Things that make me happy and bring my life joy. This can include anything from watching CNBC in the morning and catching up on stock market news (yes, I am a business news obsessed weirdo and I admit it) all the way to a nice run on a beautiful day or simply blogging! I read somewhere that if something makes you happy your duty is to enjoy the feeling. No explanation or reason necessary!

3. The realization that writing down goals DOES WORK. If you are obsessed with personal development books or motivational literature (like I am) you may notice that a consistent theme is the importance of writing down your goals. I have been thinking about the goals I wrote down about 8 years ago and how the majority of them have in fact come true. Whatever hasn't come true yet I am 100% sure is on the works and it all has to do with timing. As I have said several times on here, God's timing is perfect. I will be doing some cleaning at my apartment with the goal of finding that one notebook where I wrote several goals some years ago. Will share more on this on an upcoming post. {fingers crossed I find the notebook!}. So, write those goals down. Be ridiculous. Dream BIG. Anything is possible.

4. The fact that my grandmother has been able to attend every single commencement I have been part of {at least here in the US} from high school, to undergrad, to masters degrees and hopefully beyond. Thank you grandma!

5. The support of my love ones {and the one up above} through this journey and those whom have been there from the beginning.

6. The fact that I never gave up despite the many times that I seriously considered it

7. Having something lined up for the summer in a field I love

8. The feeling of peace and excitement despite the fact that a younger Mabel would be super terrified and fearful. Today, I am looking forward to what's to come with upmost optimism

9. Friendships!!! I may not have a million friends but I do have several that are quite amazing and are a "constant" in my life. Many things in life may come and go but when you build strong friendships, you can be sure that they can serve as a rock for your life. Just make sure those relationships are positive and move you forward rather than bring you down.

10. Last but not least-- Progress! I started eating healthy and working out consistently again about a month ago and I am truly feeling the difference. Not only in my body but in my OVERALL well being. Is not about a diet, is not about starving, is not about working out until we are exhausted. Is about adoption a healthy lifestyle, feeling AMAZING, and knowing that taking care of our bodies brings positive results: mentally, physically, and emotionally. I believe I started to see progress when I tried on my graduation dress this past week. #bestfeelingever

Silly Pic:

...Also loving that my hair is growing beautifully. God knows how long ive been waiting to grow my hair! God is good. Yeyy! Isnt it all connected?!

Meme of the week is dedicated to one of my favorite authors, Maya Angelou. I know I posted one of her quotes yesterday but that women was truly amazing and left such an incredible legacy, specially for women. I would like to conclude this week with another one of my favorite sayings:

Tell me what are YOU feeling good about this week?

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