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Friday, May 23, 2014

Fortunate Fridays {Great Week Edition}

Hey Everyone!!

Hope you all had a great week. I have LOT's to be thankful for this week. One thing I was to point out is this: nobody's life is perfect. No one's. Although I do go through ups and downs, like the rest of the world--- I CHOOSE to focus on the positive and enjoy sharing what I feel fortunate for each and every week with all of you, in part, with hopes of inspiring others to also focus on what is good in their lives and strengthen the positive. Thanks for reading and for sharing the good with me.

So this week was great. I cant complain. Had a lot going on and although I am not working at the current time I am constantly wondering where my time goes and trying to approach time management as effectively as possible. Making progress but nonetheless, still a work in progress.

Without further 'ado here is my fortunate-for list of the week:

1. The Angel that is ALWAYS protecting me from HARM and who is next to me when amazing things happen. This week I received yet another revelation that someone is always by my side. I have gone through some stuff in my life where the fact that everything turned out okay and that I am good and well can only be explained by something above and beyond what the eye can see. Thank you! 

2. Picking up my Cap and Gown (Ahh!!! Need I say more??) I could but I'd probably go on and on. Definitely a proud moment. All I could do was look up to the sky and thank the lord! MBA, here I come.

3. Amazing Lunch date with my two favorite ex-co workers-- Passed by my old job this past Tuesday and was able to have lunch with two of my favorite people. We went to Hale and Hearty, had a yummy lunch and cached up on life. Had such a great time. Definitely miss these girls:

4. Spontaneous trips with good friends.
After finals,  I made a spare of the moment decision to accompany a good friend of mine up to Albany for one of his good friend's graduation celebration. He had invited me a while ago but I couldn't make up my mind because I had so much going on with school and everything else. However, I am glad I ultimately decided to go. Albany, NY is where my Alma Mater is located so I had a great time reminiscing on my good old college days. I cant believe next year will be 10 yrs since I received by bachelors degree. Crazy! Here are some photos of the trip:

On our way!

Reminiscing on the good old college mall days:

Being Silly:

Road towards campus!

Being silly (again!) at some random store we found at the mall:

Posing in front of the mall:

Finally Dinner (@ Unos):

 Infamous Bathroom Pic:

5. Keeping up my fitness routine!!! Worked out pretty much every day and feeling stronger after re-incorporating Jillian 30 day shred in to my routine again. I love her and that's my favorite DVD of hers!

6. Getting my hands on Almond Butter!!! Let me just say Almond butter is a "Staple" at my apartment and living without it for almost a month was unheard of! Grabbed two jars during my recent trip to Trader Joes:

7. Finally found a place to live in DC for the summer! After a good amount of headaches in trying to decide where the heck I was going to live for the summer (guys-- I still have to catch up you guys on this one). I am just happy the search is over! Excited!!! Note: If you are a blogger or reader from the Washington, DC area please email me. Would love to meet you!

8. An AMAZING final meeting with my consulting team and the CEO of the company we consulted for this semester. This has to have been the best project I worked on during my entire MBA career. Definitely felt fortunate for the experience from beginning to end:

So, this week's Meme or "saying of the week" is something I created myself. This week I had an "Aha" moment after having a conversation with someone which serious opened my eyes about the infamous saying: never take anything personal. Ladies and gentleman, life experiences have taught me that if there is a list of "top 10 sayings in the world that are absolutely and 100% true" the "never take anything personal" one is on the very top of the list. The experience I went through inspired me to come up with the following:

...And that's all folks. Thanks for reading. And remember: ALWAYS look at the bright side of life. Never give up. Keep on reaching for your goals and as hard as it may be to see this sometimes: There is ALWAYS something to be thankful for. GOD IS GOOD!

Tell me, whats your favorite quote? do you enjoy road trips? anything exciting hapenning this weekend?

With love,

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