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Friday, May 16, 2014

Fortunate Fridays {I did it! Edition}

First things first, breakfast this morning ;)

Ezequiel bread+almond butter+ café au lait + fruit
I wasn't sure how to label this Fortunate Friday edition considering I still have one more step to go before is finally "over"....and by that I mean: Commencement!!! After 4.5 years of being a part time MBA student and a full time employee; yesterday evening I attended what was my last course as a graduate student. I literally cannot believe it and I am still in some kind of mental 'shock' mental high. I guess it will hit me when I am finally walking at graduation.

Me walking towards my last class:

This week was tough but also amazing at the same time. There is nothing better than waking up each morning to do things that you ACTUALLY want to do. Okay, let me clarify that--- I would in fact start off each day studying for finals and working on final projects which was definitely not "fun". However, looking back, those were things I was intrinsically motivated to do because I knew it was my last week of "hard work" and I was working with a purpose-- doing well in each and every one of my classes!

After doing school work I would go to the gym, run, do some strength training, and then prep myself some lunch. Thereafter, I would shower and get ready for school. I would get to my classes feeling quite amazing and refreshed instead of exhausted and dying as I was feeling when I would be running around as a full time everything.

My schedule would look like this: drag myself out of bed to rush to my corporate job (always late!)---> to school--> to an 1 hr commute back home. IT WAS EXHAUSTING. So, doing things on my time since I left my job feels quite amazing and I am truly enjoying every second and feel super blessed and thankful for this current phase in my life. :). Now that finals are over and I finally have time to blog about my job situation; please stay tuned. Very exciting things ahead!

So anyways, without further 'ado, here is what I am feeling super fortunate for this week:

1. Finally feeling that I am getting in the grove of my healthy living + working out routine! {You know that feeling where you actually feel excited to work out and look forward to it? or that feeling when you get exited because you need to go grocery shopping for healthy goodies? well, yes I am there. That feeling does exists and I love it.)

2. Spending mothers day with family and with my amazing mother. First of all-- I love my mom and I've said that here a million times. :) Second of all, Considering I don't get to see my extended family very often; family get-togethers on special occasions are a perfect opportunity to remind me how blessed I am to have a family that cares about each other and loves each other no matter the circumstances. I had a heart to heart with one of my cousins that really helped me put some things in to perspective and that made me very happy. Thanks Shey!

Throwback of my mom and I:

3. My Nutribullet! I know this is random but I received a Nutribullet for my house apartment warming party last November (yes, last November) and I just recently had a chance to finally use it. Can I just say I am in LOVE with the convenience?!

4. Having the motivation to get through my last week of classes and actually finishing every single one of my projects on time and to the best of my ability! I have to admit, just last week I was terrified! Seriously wondering how I would get everything done. I felt like walls were closing in on me (mentally). But things had to get done and somehow they got done and is now over!! Thank you Jesus! Just a friendly reminder to myself (and whomever out there needs to hear this message): even when things seem impossible just convince yourself that they will get done and do your part. Don't ever wonder IF they will get done. Just know that they WILL. Even if you aren't 100% sure how.  ;)

5. Love. I am fortunate because I am loved. People look forward to being in my company and show me that they care one way or another. This is kind of a general statement but this week I realized that I don't acknowledge this as much as I should. I spend a lot of time on my own and as much as I enjoy my "solo" time, sometimes I forget that I have people in my life that genuinely love me and care about me. People that feel happy and excited for me during my successes and are right there to lend a helping hand during not so great times. I need to place a post-it of this on my mirror of something. But, I feel fortunate for LOVE. :)

6. The courage to say the things I feel. Considering our time in this world is limited; it is kind of a good idea to express our feelings regardless of the outcome. I believe I've spoken about this on the blog before but as I get older, I realize the importance of speaking my mind. I rather speak my mind than go through life and then look back one day and wonder "what if". I speak my mind, do the best I can, and then I let the universe take its course. Trust me, that has to be one of the most peaceful and  liberating feelings in the world! :)
***Images of the Week***
Chronicles of my last week of class:

My finance professor brought "Melissa's" mini-cupcakes to class (delicious):

How my apartment looked like during finals week (Needless to say I am cleaning today):

Post-Gym High:
....And I leave you with my favorite Meme this week:
"When our heart wins the fight against fear, wonders begin to reveal themselves".
-Paulo Coelho
Tell me, Any plans for the weekend? Do you own a Nutribullet? Any recipes I should be trying? :)

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