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Friday, June 27, 2014

Fortunate Friday! {First week in DC edition}

Hey everyone!
Hope you all had a great week. Today is the culmination of the second week at my internship and I couldn’t be happier with all that I am learning so far. I have to be honest--- the environment is a little bit intimidating at times. You may or may not know that the finance/investments world is ruled mainly by man. What does this mean for me at the present time? I am the only female intern in the investing department and probably the 2nd female employee in the entire department as well (the other girl is a permanent analyst). Isn’t that crazy?! So pretty much in a room of about 50 people, there are only 2 females.
Another factor that has made me feel a bit out of place at times but that actually motivates me to work harder is that I am constantly communicating with individuals who know a lot more than me about investing (especially when it comes to valuations aka numbers and spreadsheets!). So, while that may not be my strength currently I am definitely in the process of crossing that hurdle and becoming an even better investor. Definitely looking forward for what’s to come.
Anyways, sorry about all the work talk. Let’s get in to my Fortunate Fives for the week:
1.    I was able to switch my housing (dorm room) in Washington from a quad to a double--- O.M.G so, I walked in to my originally designated room on Sunday afternoon and almost fell in to a black hole of depression considering: how super small the actual room was, the lack of privacy, and the idea of having to deal with 3 other different personalities for 6 weeks this summer.

      Instead of crying my life away I walked around a bit, pulled myself together, and then made  a call to the housing department for a room change. Thankfully a double opened up and I was able to switch rooms immediately! I may not have my own space any longer but dealing with one person is a million times better than dealing with 3. So, halleluiah for that! The person I am rooming with seems pretty okay, also an intern, goes to bed at a reasonable time, and doesn’t snore. I am super happy about those factors alone.
2.    Being walking distance from the White House and pretty much right in the center of DC for the summer--- that makes up a bit (or a lot) for the fact that I have to share a room with a complete stranger. I also have a whole foods and a trader joes at walking distance. Made a quick run to TJs the other day just to explore the route and look forward to running more as my stay here progresses. Here is a photo from my first visit to the white house this past Tuesday:

Picture of my 1 mile run :)

3.    My enthusiasm to explore—Since I’ve been here I’ve walked around a whole lot and am becoming pretty familiar with the area where I work as well as where I live. I love just walking around, taking photos, exploring the town and the people. I actually have been lucky to find individuals whom simply ask me if I need help with directions, etc. Is it just me or people in DC are a whole lot nicer than in NYC?!
4.    I have a visitor coming to visit me this weekend—he gets here today. I am super excited.
5.    Feeling more comfortable in my environment, making friends, having family near.
That’s all folks. I am looking forward to a great weekend filled with activities (affordable/free ones to be exact) and just enjoying everything.
Tell me, do you enjoy being in a new environments or are you one of those people that avoids change at all cost? Would love to hear your stories!
For me, new environments always make me a little scared/anxious but it usually takes me a day (or 3) to adapt and then I am good (for the most part ;)…
Favorite Meme of the Week:

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