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Friday, June 20, 2014

Fortunate Fridays {Writing from Alexandria, VA, Edition}

Hey everyone!

I am currently writing to you from the very nice town of Alexandria, VA—About 20 mins outside of Washington, DC.

I got here this past Sunday. My amazing family made it a road trip and drove with me all the way from NYC to help me move for my summer adventures on this side of the country. This weekend I move my bags over to Washington, DC where I will be staying for the remainder of the summer.

As indicated on my previous post I am here for an internship. Check out this week’s work-outfit selfies:

Office is business casual. Business casual in the finance/investment industry is almost unheard of. Needless to say the culture of the company is pretty cool.

The experience so far have been great. Even better than I expected and I seriously feel incredibly blessed. I get to do one of the things I love for a living and the feeling is still pretty surreal. I feel like I am still in shock and sometimes have the urge to pinch myself. Without further ado, here is what I feel fortunate for this past week:

1.    The fact that the room I sublet for this week turned out to be amazing—Only about 10 minutes from my job and the girl that rents it out is super cool and fun to be around. She made me feel like I was home right off the bat and I felt super comfortable.

2.    Having family and a couple of good friends in DC—Is nice to know I have people close by that I can reach out to if anything happens, also people to hang out with and that can show me around!

3.    A paid internship where I get the opportunity to learn more about a field I absolutely love

4.    NYC Friends and loved ones checking in on me throughout the week to make sure I am okay and that everything is going well (love when people care!)

5.    I get health & dental insurance even as an intern!

6.    The feelings that the stars are slowly aligning for me and things are falling in to place…


How did everyone’s week go? I plan to be more active on the blog as much as I possibly can at least to share the places that I visit here and my whole experience in the country’s capital! Before I got here, all I heard was nice things about how beautiful and great it is to live here and so far so good.

A year ago today I was kinda’ sad when I realized I was in the same industry after 8 years (insurance). An industry that provided me with a lot but at the same time I was mostly miserable. I am so happy to say things have changed drastically over a year and I am excited to see more positive changes in my life!

Considering coffee is essential for me lately, I went in to Starbucks a few times and got the cheapest thing I could find (regular coffee, small). The point of me saying this is that I am loving the “Oprah quotes” that have been appearing on the coffee sleeves. Very clever idea, Starbucks! Keep it going. 

I have chosen this one to be quote of the week:

"Your life is big. Keep reaching."

Here are some other great ones:

"Your experience is never wasted. Everything has meaning".

"Live from the heart of yourself. Seek to be whole, not perfect"

"Follow your passion, it will lead you to your purpose".

What do YOU feel fortunate for this week? If you are familiar with Washington, any recommendations on where to go/what to see?

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