Ma Bella Vita: FORTUNATE FRIDAYS {I finished a book! Edition}

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Friday, June 6, 2014

FORTUNATE FRIDAYS {I finished a book! Edition}

Hello Friends!
Welcome to another edition of Fortunate Fridays! This was another week of "freedom" for me so I indulged in an assortment of various activities. There is something wonderful about walking around with zero responsibilities, although I also remind myself this is only temporary. So, I am enjoying it while it lasts.

I have a busy day ahead so I will make this quick. I feel fortunate for:
1. The surprise birthday cake my family got me for graduation at a family gathering (this cake was pretty delicious with a Guava filling, my fave!)
2. Supportive Parents! I went to visit the 'rents last weekend and they surprised me with another congratulations card but this one included a check to help me out in this new phase of my life. Regardless of the amount, I felt as if they were helping me fund my dreams. Made me think about how they are my rock and have been there for me through every single phase of my life and beyond. I cant wait to make them even more proud.
3. Having eyes that allowed me to enjoy the NYC skyline from New Jersey on Saturday night.
4. Hanging out with one of my best friends on Monday catching up and simply strolling around the city.
5. FINALLY having time to get my booty to the DMV and apply to renew my license. I haven't been able to use my car in quite some time so this was a relieve! Weird selfie at the 'kinda ghetto bathroom at my local office:
6. Hanging out with another very good friend. We went to a spot called Caliente Cab in downtown NYC. My first time there and I absolutely loved it! The food was delicious and Mexican (I am obsessed with Mexican food). Plus, the server gave me a free drink thanks to my friend shouting to him that I "recently graduated". 'Gotta love friends that are loud and cheerful all the time! Here are some photos:


7. Finishing a book that I actually read for pleasure (as oppose to reading it for a class). Actually, this is the very first book I finish post graduation.

....As you can see I am not a huge fan of "fictional books" (although those are wonderful too). I usually reach for: self help, motivational books, personal finance or health & fitness. This book was great. If you want to see a review, head over to my other blog.

6. Finally finding frames for a couple of pictures I bough in Paris almost 3 years ago! I've had the pictures put away for a while and this week I finally found some nice frames on sale. Cant wait to put up these babies. So excited:

7. Finally getting a head start on a project I have in the works-- I will share more on this in the near future.

8. Fitness! I have been able to work out nearly every single day this week-- mostly running. I ran a little bit over 4 miles the other day which felt amazing considering I am getting my stamina back after slacking during the beginning of the year! I may be doing a race next week so, prepping for that:

...As you can see, my PR is a little on the slow side but I am not ashamed to show it as I am in the process of improving. As I always say--- I am my own competition! My current goal is to get to 10.30 mph and work my way down from there!

That's all folks! Any plans for the weekend? Please share :)

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  1. Your parents sound awesome! Congrats on graduating :)


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