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Thursday, June 12, 2014

I am moving to Washington, DC for the summer!

Good morning readers!!

Breakfast this morning:

 1 egg + avocado on 100% whole wheat bread + café au lait.

I was up by 6:45 am today! Doing laundry and continuing my packing. I haven't really elaborated on this topic much but about a month ago I quit my job in the Insurance industry. Back in mid-march I got an offer from a company headquarter in VA to complete an internship in their Equity Analyst department. If you have been following me on the blog for quite some time you know what an amazing opportunity this is for me and how excited/scared I am about whats to come! This came at a perfect time considering I just finished my graduate degree and I can now hit the ground running!

Finance & Investing is a huge passion of mine (in addition to health & fitness) and has been for many years. However, for nearly 9 years I would wake up each morning and get ready for a job I hated (for lack of a better word).  I have to be clear in that I don't regret the last 9 years--- I am extremely grateful for the experiences I have had, the multiple opportunities I was given, having the resources to save and travel and accomplish several goals but most importantly-- all the amazing people I met and who have become friends for a lifetime. The only thing I wish I would have done sooner was leave the industry, maybe 4-5 years ago. However, I also understand that everything has its time and its place and my time finally came.

I am so excited and so incredibly grateful that I have been given the opportunity to move in to an industry and a job that I am looking forward to loving. I cant lie and say I am not scared about entering a whole new field but I also know that it is now or never. I am well aware that all amazing things in life often start of with us being borderline terrified. Change is rarely ever easy. However, positive change always turns out to be amazing at the end and I have nothing but positive vibes about what's to come! God willing!

So yeah! I jumped ship and quit my job and now I am moving about 4 hours away from NYC to start fresh, even if just for a couple of month.

Random selfie before heading out the other day:

So the internship is in Virgina about 20 minutes away from DC. For the first week of the internship I will be in Virginia and the next 7 weeks I will be living in DC. Long story! I tried to find a good deal on AirBnB, however, I couldn't believe the prices for some of this rooms!! IE: Paying $1600 to sleep on an airbed for 30 days! I.Think.Not. So, I had to do a combination of places to find a more "reasonable" deal for me although at the end of day my stay will still be kinda' pricey. Thankfully the internship is in fact paid so that should help in a big way.

The housing I found in DC is close to the white house and in the epic center of everything so I am excited about exploring the great things around there on weekends and/or free time. Thankfully, I also have a couple of college friends that live in DC and family members that aren't to far so I look forward to hanging out with everyone. I hear the city is amazing and cant wait to see it for myself.

So there you have it! This is my big news. Job starts on Monday so I will make sure to keep you guys on the loop with how everything develops. If you live in the Washington, DC area and have any recommendations on what I should explore or interesting things to get in to let me know! My job offers free yoga and a free gym so I have a feeling I have the fitness part covered.

Cheers to new beginnings!

In honor of my new found daring spirit I leave you with this:

Tell me, how you ever dared to leave the familiar for a totally new experience? would love to read about it. Comment below :)

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