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Monday, June 2, 2014

Motivational Mondays- Transform Your Life!

Hey Everyone!

Hope you all had a great weekend! On Friday night I attended my sister's house warming party and on Saturday I went to New Jersey to visit a special someone. Visited a gorgeous park and had some yummy sushi in the process. I ate too much food overall this weekend and I am conscious of it. I also know my period is coming and is trying to bring with it an anxiety to eat everything in sight. Ugh! Working on stopping the process!

But anyways, I have been reading up on a lot of motivational literature lately as well as listening to some great podcasts! I figured I'd share what I learn along the way with all my wonderful readers. Today's "Motivational Mondays" edition is dedicated to TD Jakes. An amazing pastor whom I admire and whom always has some incredibly uplifting sermons. I download them as podcast and listen to it during runs or just while cleaning around the house.

His "Transformational Instinct" series is nothing short than AMAZING. I've listened to all 3 podcast at least 2x each. I tried to gather the main points which uplifted me the most. Some of it may sound like things we've heard before or common sense. However, they serve as strong reminders that can help us get back on track of our goals and ambitions. At least that is what his sermons do for me in addition to helping me move forward. Here they are a few points from part II of the series:

1. Write your VISION not the Victim-- This refers to the idea that the past is the past. We cannot change whom we were or what we did. However, we do have the power to change our vision of how the future is going to look like. We can do that by using the present to live it and to make plans for what we want to see in our future.

2. After your write down your vision, align your life and your actions to it-- "Build According to pattern".

  • Invest in alignment to what is central to your core. Don't invest in what is not central to your core. Dont invest your time or money on things that are not good for you.
  • When you spend your time with someone or engage in an activity, ask yourself: Am I getting a good return on investment on this? What am I getting in return-- Growth? productivity? change? development? OR, are you simply throwing your time away? Be very careful of the people that steal your time. Invest in what is TRUE to you. 

The above served to remind me of the following: Time is something we never get back. A second, minute, hour, day, month, year wasted on the wrong things or the wrong person or the wrong activities is time that will be gone-- forever! So, Is important what we are strategic about what we do with each given moment and think about whether the way in which we are investing our time is helping us get to where we want to go.

In Summary:

1. Write it
2. Build it
3. Invest in what is investing in me
4. Invest in what is true to what I am about

Support what is supporting and helping me. 

Remember: Knowledge is not power. The APPLICATION of knowledge is power. So, lets all take action and gear up for amazing lives!


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