Ma Bella Vita: Old Town Alexandria... and a Nice Reunion

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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Old Town Alexandria... and a Nice Reunion

Hey all! Hope you all had a great Saturday so far! I had a great time giving myself a "personal tour" of "Historic" Old Town Alexandria here in VA.

The original plan was for me to move in to my aunts house tonight and then move my stuff again over to the place where I am officially staying in Washington. However, I decided to stay one more night at the Virginia spot so I could get a chance to explore some of the "tourist" areas and by that I mean Old Town. Also, this gives my aunt a chance to come help me tomorrow with my bags so it all worked out perfect.

I slept in a little late and woke up around 9-ish. To be hones, when I got up this morning I was feeling a little down. Not sure why but maybe because I woke up alone in a new town with no "set" plans. However, I didn't let my emotions rule my day. I got up, took a shower and made myself some breakfast. I then proceeded to do one of my favorite things: Catching up on blogs! :)
Turned on the TV and caught most of the "Naughty Professor" (the first movie). Forgot how great it is :). My mood began turning around almost immediately.
...After some Saturday morning lounging I got ready and excited to explore the town!

Bathroom "Selfie" before heading out.

I have to say I fell in love with Old Town! Is such a simple yet very historic and entertaining place filled with multiple shops, restaurants, and cute little stores. Most of the locations where inside old buildings which help keep the history of the town intact. I took over 70 photos! Most of them I posted on Facebook. No possible way I could post them all on here so I selected some of the main ones:

Little shops (including multiple cupcake spots..yum!):

The free trolley which transports people from the very beginning to the end of the town. I walked almost 4 miles before I realized it was free. No biggie considering part of my plan for today was to get some exercise in. Mission accomplished!

The very end of the town opens up to a pier:

I had such an amazing time on my own. It had been a while since I spent some nice quality time with myself :)
...Yesterday after work I met up with an old college friend whom I hadn't seen in 9 years!

We had such an amazing time catching up on the good old days. I remember I used to call her "my angel" in college but I cant remember why. Maybe because of the positive vibes I always felt around her. I recall we worked on one single project together but that was enough for us to become good friends. I am glad we kept in touch all these years and that I had a chance to see her again!
Tell me, How was your Saturday? Any exciting things planned for the rest of the weekend?


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    1. I loved it. I plan to go there again one more time before I leave the DC area :)


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