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Friday, July 25, 2014

Fortunate Fridays {Friendships are golden & Self Improvement edition}

Hey My loves!

This week FLEW! I almost forgot to post this but here I am-- as it is my Friday tradition. I wont waste much time on random stuff and just get to the point.
 This week I feel fortunate for:
1. Spending time with some amazing friends this weekend! -- My amazing friends from NYC came to DC and it was like a college reunion all over again. Great times!

Warning: pictures of delicious food and lots of fun ahead




First time at Peri-Peri--- absolutely delicious. 


2. I am getting better at not caring what others do but controlling my own emotions and being at peace instead!- I used too much power on things that were out of my control until one day I decided that's no way to live. Still a work in progress but I am so much happier.

3. My mom taking the time to "deep clean" my apartment

4. The realization that following a passion can take us farther than actual skills or aptitude can! (will be writing a post on this).
5. Finding the time to update my investing blog!
6. Not letting others intimidate me-- no matter what. I know what I am and what I am capable of. I know I have a bright future ahead regardless of anything.

7. The opportunity to attend an amazing work event last night. I am telling you--- the company where I am doing the internship is beyond amazing. Open bar, free food, free entertainment. They even sent me to the train station on a limo...yes. a limo.

 The Gold Magnolias-- Awesome band!

8. My incredible faith and the certainty of knowing deep inside that amazing things are ahead.
Me today after a nice run (although I was so exhausted I didn't feel like doing nada. But I did it!!).

Meme award of the week goes to:

TELL ME-- What blessings did you enjoy this week?

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