Ma Bella Vita: Fortunate Fridays {In love with the city and my job} Edition

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Fortunate Fridays {In love with the city and my job} Edition

Hey Everyone,


How was your week? I have quite the busy—yet super exciting—weekend ahead of me. Although I am in DC and 4th of July is likely amazing here, I actually had previous plans to go visit a friend of mine up in Syracuse, NY. I am super excited to see her and spend time with her and her fiancé. They have a lake house and I hear is beautiful!


So basically, I am leaving DC today as early as possible, getting to NYC and then driving out to Syracuse early Friday morning. I’ll make sure to take tons of photos and will let you guys know how it goes!


This week was filled with tons of things to feel fortunate for. So, here is the run down:

1. Had such a great time last weekend touring Washington and visiting all of the "tourist" attractions. It was so freaking hot but regardless we had an amazing time:

*also got to try a delicious mexican restaurant I had been eyeing since I got here. No pictures (sorry) but the food was delicious. 

2. Keeping up with my fitness!!! The heat here is out of this world (or maybe this past winter was so horrible I forgot hot hot it can get). It's been 90+ degrees for most of the days. However, I've managed to run most days with occasional walking breaks. All the sweating is actually doing wonders for my skin! I noticed a nicer complexion the past couple of days:

3. Free "treats" at work. so basically every last Friday of the month they have "cake day" and there is also such thing as pizza day once a month. What makes this so cool is that the company doesn't get mass-produced treats from Cosco or BJs. They actually go out of their ways to find local vendors!!!! And we get to vote on the "best tasting" stuff. This week'a favorite were definitely these cake balls:

Forgot who made them but apparently it was a 12 year old girl from the area who is starting her own business. How cool is that?! I'll try to see if she has a website and share it with you all. 

4. Staying on budget (at least with food and workouts). So working out is pretty much free considering I run around the city. In terms of Food, I stocked up on some basic staples when I got here and so I have been throwing random things together:

*(Egg and avocado on sprotted whole wheat bread)

*Trader Joe's enchilada with a side of avocado.

5. Last but not least: my strong faith which simple continues to grow. A lot of amazing things going on in my life and the stuff that bother me from time  to time, I pray about. Peace is a wonderful feeling and I don't take anything for granted :)

Cheers to an amazing summer and beyond!

"Meme of the week" (or message of the week) goes out to a friend of mine whom posted this on Facebook:

What are your plans for 4th of July weekend?? 

*Ps: pardon any issues with formatting. Had to write the post using blogger app on my phone.

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