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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Fortunate Fridays {out of my comfort zone} edition

Hey everyone!

Friday is here once again. Although I love my job, I definitely welcome this little break. I have a couple of friends coming over to visit this weekend should it should be quite the eventful week. Will definitely catch up you guys on whatever we end up doing!

So this week's theme is dedicated to the idea of getting out of my comfort zone. I consider myself quite introvert by nature although there has been plenty of occasions in my life where I surprise myself by being more open and outgoing. Usually said moments happens when I either feel I have nothing to loose or I consciously tell myself that going beyond my shyness will pay off.

Well, I have to be honest is that the internship I am doing is challenging me in so many levels. I am learning so much and feel like I am constantly on the go but I absolutely love it. It's also given me the opportunity to reach out and talk to people I probably would never approach in a different setting--perhaps out of intimidation or just my nature of being quite and keeping to myself (which is something I am working on).

This week I am Fortunate for...

1. The fact that my friend Dana invited me over for dinner on Saturday night and I just felt so privileged and honored that she made such a nice {and delicious} dinner for the both of us. Thank you Dana!

2. Places like Barnes & Noble. Without a doubt one of my favorite places on earth! Doesn't matter what city I may be at. If will be staying for more than 2-3 weeks you better believe I will make it my business to find a local B&N. The place just brings peace and happiness to my heart <3...I spent a good amount of my day on Saturday there. Just a cup of coffee, a magazine and I....

Great articles I found on a magazine (I think it was fortune but can't rememeber)...

3. Finally getting my bootay to the dentist and getting bad news and good news--- the scruciating pain I was getting on the right side of my jaw/ head is due to a very bad cavity all the way back on my wisdom tooth (that's both the good news and tr bad news). Now I have to gather the courage of getting that tooth pulled out before I leave DC (ugh!!!!).

4. Learning to keep myself in peace and not letting things that I can't control bother me. Thank god for self-reflection!

5. Finding a Catholic Church in the area and making it to mass this past Sunday. Loved the sermon and just loved being there for an hour or so.

6. The ability to run!!! Been running a lot lately (as mentioned in several past posts) and loving it. Took a break today after running 4 days back to back. Gotta take care of this body!!!

Random selfie of the week:

Some of my eats this week:

Meme of the week goes to the following:

How was your week? Any plans this weekend? TGIF everyone :)

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