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Friday, July 11, 2014

Fortunate Fridays! {proud of my friends} Edition

Hey All!
Hope everyone had an amazing week! My week had a lot going on but I am glad is finally Friday! I just had a chance to sit down and write this post. I should really consider being a "real" blogger and writing these things up in advance. However, until that happens, here is what I feel fortunate for this week:
1. My amazing friends, whom I am so proud of!!!
I believe I mentioned on my previous post that I spent last weekend at my friend's lake house up in Syracuse, NY. She bought the house a couple of year ago and I missed her house warming party due to a family thing I had going on during that time. I FINALLY had a chance to go up to see her this past weekend. When I walked in to her gorgeous home (with a gorgeous lake to match) all I could think about how immensely proud I am of her and all she has accomplished over the years. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my friends succeed and see the fruits of their hard work. Congratulations Lejla! and I wish you much more amazing things!
I took a gazillion pictures but here are a few:

Us on the boat (one piece borrowed from my friend because of course a forgot a bathing suit).

View toward the lake

View of the house from the lake

Osvaldo and I (thanks for driving :)

Lamija and I :)

The girls
2. My dad!!! It was my dad's birthday yesterday and I know I've probably said this several times on the blog but I love my dad to the moon and back. He's been such an amazing role model in my life and all good things I have I owe not only to my hard work but to his never-ending support in my life. I am so blessed to have him around and was a little sad I wasn't with him for his birthday. But I hope to make it up to him soon. Love you dad <3

3. My new found "hobbie"--Running!-- So I am living in a dorm room within GWU for the summer (long story on that one). I am not necessarily ecstatic to have a roommate or to spend every waking moment in a room without a television so, I have this new "thing" where I just go out and run. I like it and I feel my stamina getting better and better. Yayy!

4. An amazing lunch (and trying chicken pad thai for the first time)-- One of the executives from my job took the time to take me and another analyst to work and shared so much knowledge with us! I was just listening to him absorbing as much as possible. Its quite the amazing feeling when you have a chance to talk with smart people and take the time to listen, engage and just learn so much from them. Cheers to educational lunches:

..and ps: pad thai is delicious...yes. I've been living under a rock this whole time.
I'll keep it short today considering is late and I am tired. But, never forget that no matter the challenges we may face in life, there is always something to feel fortunate for.
I leave you with some random selfie I took yesterday before work:

...and with my favorite "meme" of the week:

Tell Me, How did you spend 4th of July weekend? anything exciting coming up this weekend?

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