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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Revamping the Blog, and Whats New!

Hey Everyone!

No need to panic. You are in fact in the right place. You may have notice some "small changes" around this page the main one being that I changed the name of the blog (will explain why). I also updated the "about me page" as well as the travel page as I just came back from an interesting trip.

So, why "Mabella Vita"? Well, first and foremost I am obsessed with European countries. My favorite country being France (I am obsessed). Anyways, I initially wanted the name to be "Mabella Vida" but the name was taken. Hence, next best thing was "life" in Italian which means "Vita". Mabella is a nick name Ive had since I was a little girl. Hence, I felt the phrase "Mabella Vita" would be a perfect name for a blog where I want to continue documenting my life developments. My goal is now to take this blog a step further and expand from personal stories and more in to self-help and motivational articles for my fellow ladies out there. In a nutshell- I will strive for constant content on the following: 

1. My personal life (travels, outings, friendships, family, love and beyond)

2. Health and Fitness topics (my conscious efforts towards leading a healthy life one day at the time- from traditional habits that have worked for me to trying new things)

3. Personal Finance topics (this is tentative. Is another one of my passions but I already have a blog on the works for finance-specific topics)

Excited for what's to come...stay tuned! Thanks for reading. Blogging is my therapy, my escape, a huge passion. Would love for you to join me on this new phase.



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