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Monday, October 20, 2014

Brunch and Fancy ice cream at Melt Bakery

Hey all!
Happy Monday! Hope you are had a phenomenal weekend. Nothing too eventful around here. I worked out, hung out at my parents house and ultimately visited one of my best friends from High School (Hi Ana!) . We had a nice chat/'heart to heart' catching up on life: past, present, and beyond. I am grateful for the fact that a lot of my friendships date back to a long, long time ago. Not sure how I've been able to maintain half of my friends considering life happens and we're all usually so busy. But it is definitely true what they said-- true friendships can go a very long time without communicating much and when they are reunited again, is like time never passed!
So anyways, this is kind of an overdue post. Talking about friendships, I went to brunch with a former co-worker of mine about a month ago. We used a Groupon deal for a delicious brunch at Sons of Essex located in the Lower East Side of NYC. I had never been to the spot and I have to admit I loved it. The brunch included two breakfast entrees and unlimited mimosas or bloody Mary's. We opted for the mimosas and it will be an understatement to say those things were STRONG! Ugh! Feeling dizzy just thinking about it. The entire meal + drinks + overall experience was great. I would definitely recommend it. Only thing is that the ambiance was a little dark and I like to clearly see my food when I eat it but that was a minor thing. I believe we paid $39.99 for the both of us (thanks to the Groupon). Our final bill was about $5.00 which included the tax + tip. Not bad. Although my frugal self wouldn't do this every weekend. Once in a while is worth it.
My delicious breakfast pizza. To die for!

My friend's "Cap'n Crunch" French toast (I had a taste and pretty much died and went to heaven).

Of course I had to ask the waiter to take a pic of us as we left the restaurant.

After the brunch my friend suggested we check out an ice cream spot called "Melt Bakery" which she had tried before and loved. When it comes to ice cream or anything sweet you definitely do not have to ask me twice! So off we went to find this hidden gem.

There were so many choices that we literary spent about 20 minutes just staring at the display and reading the description for each flavor. A NYC tour group even came in, had time to give a tour, and eventually headed out and we still had not made a decision. For some reason I just kept thinking about how each piece must have like one thousand calories. Thankfully the attendant surprised me by saying they had "mini versions" of each flavor. That definitely helped make my decision a lot easier and I opted for the "mini red velvet". To.Die.For:

My friend had the regular size chocolate chip cookie flavor. Also super delicious. And off we went with our delicious treats, walking the streets of downtown New York City and talking away.

The mini version is about $2.75 while the regular size is $4.00. Not bad for a nice treat on a warm summer day. Definitely a clever idea. I see more and more businesses getting creative and moving away from the "cup cake" craze that swept the nation for years.
And that's all folks! I don't go out in the city very often but when I do, I love to share it and document it as a reminder of the places I've been to and wouldn't mind visiting again.
Thank you for reading!
Tell me, how was your weekend? have you ever tried a Melt Bakery ice cream or been to Sons of Essex?
Mabelle <3

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