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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Phenomenal time at the HSF Gala

When  I was in undergrad (ummm feels like centuries ago!) I had the privilege of being selected by the Hispanic Scholarship Fund to receive ongoing scholarships throughout my four years of college. I had to apply every year and was blessed enough to be granted the scholarship each time. The financial assistance reassured me that {aside from my amazing parents} there were people out there whom truly believed in me and my career aspirations. As a first generation college graduate, I will never forget all the assistance and the people that helped me along the way. We all need that helping hand to get us where we want to go and I never take anything or anyone for granted. So grateful!

As an Alumni of HSF, I am invited to their annual fundraising gala which usually takes place in New York City at gorgeous locations-- and this year was no exception. The event took place at Cipriani which is down in the financial district. When I worked in Wall Street; I remember passing by Cipriani all the time and always wondered what went on in there. Well, is beautiful, and quite fancy!

The event was super emotional (as always). They usually feature selected alumni who have become wildly successful in their careers but track back their lives to the very beginning when they first received the scholarship and were just getting started. I always feel the need to cry my life away during the presentations. And yeah, this year was no exception. Thankfully I was able to contain myself. {I also secretly dream of the day in which I am also day, one day ;)}

Anyways, without further ado, here are some photos from the event:

My bestie Jessica and I. She's also an alum and we went to the same college.

I like this pic

The people at my table. Always great to meet new people! (one of my favorite parts of the event).

Another bestie and I (Yari!) whom I met at an HSF alumni meeting years ago.

I like this one too :)

The original crew (we used to do volunteering events for HSF together all the time)

Picture with a famous Univision TV anchor {Maria Elena Salinas}

Irma and I (another friend I made years ago at HSF alumni meetings)

Of course, the infamous bathroom selfie! {quite the fancy bathroom}
Perhaps I'll have my wedding at Cipriani one day? Waiting for my stock broker husband! Where are thou?! ;)

And that's all folks! Just wanted to share with you guys the great times I had at the Gala and encourage you to volunteer for organizations that have the betterment of the future in mind! Always a privilage to be able to help out while also enjoy the festivities.

Have you ever heard of the HSF? Are you part of any non-profit organizations? would love to hear about it!


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