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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Whether you fell Joy or Pain be means you're alive

The title of this post was inspired by a wisdom tooth located all the way in the back of the right side of my mouth, the very last tooth in fact.

Before you all think I am crazy I'll give you the short story about how this past summer I suffered weeks of excruciating pain thanks to the fact that I never removed my wisdom tooth (I am 30 years old!) and-- I hope this is not too graphic-- the tooth eroded meaning that, what was once the "center" of that tooth is now a hole and the entire thing needs to be extracted, which is something I am in the process of doing

But anyways, the excruciating pain was so bad that I often feared for my life. I finally got myself to a dentist whom advised me, after an xray, that the reason for the pain is that I had nerves that were now out in the open because of that hole in my tooth. Hence, anything and everything that would irritate the nerve would hurt like hell. And boy did it hurt!

I recall eating something at a conference and bitting on it too hard. Apparently I hit that nerve because I was holding back tears the entire hour and a half of the keynote speaker presentation and was too embarrased to get up. And that was just one of several times this past summer where that so called "out in the open" nerve in the inside of my mouth drove me painfuly insane.

Well thankfully and eventually the pain of that tooth subsided. I still have the hole and that tooth is still there (because I havent gotten my ass to a dentist again) but there is no pain anymore. In fact, I was eating an apple earlier and a whole chunck of it went to that hole in the back of my mouth and I bit hard. And there was no pain. At which point I came to the conclusion that nerve was now dead. And I felt sad for a little bit. As much as that pain was unbearable, it meant the nerve was alive and well and kicking and screaming. But now, there was absolutely zero response from the hole in my tooth.

...and there you have it.

At that second when I realized that strong bite out of an apple and in to  my eroded wisdom tooth hole didnt result in any pain whatsoever; I had one of those Oprah "aha moments" where I realized that as much as painful circumstances and experiences may hurt us emotionally; the flip side of that is that it means we are alive and well.

We are alive when we fell joy just as we are alive when we feel pain, and everything in between, and for that we should be thankful. <3

Thanks for reading.

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