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Friday, January 2, 2015

Themes for 2015 and a book recommendation

Hello everyone!!!

***HAPPY 2015***

Who else is more than ready and excited for this new year?! I know it may seem annoying to hear all this "new year, new me" none sense pretty much everywhere around the internet but something tells me this will be an interesting year for me filled with a lot of amazing things. I have to be honest that although 2014 was incredible in many aspects it was also a year where I was borderline depressed and sad for issues that, looking back, were not as big as my mind was making them out to be. I almost started crying on 12/31 when witnessing the ball drop on television seconds before 2015. In my years of life, I don't recall being so excited for a year to end and for a new one to begin as I was this time around. So, cheers to new beginnings!

Okay so I have decided to start this year by choosing three "main themes" that I must remember and recall during all situations in this year going forward. One is a word and another one is a 'motto' for the year ahead. And here they are:

1. Gratitude
2. Self Love
3. Not take things personal

On Gratitude...

Although I am nowhere near where I want to see myself (mainly relationship wise and professionally speaking). I am closer than I've been and I still consider myself to be very blessed in many aspects of my life. I am on my way to where I want to be. However, life is a series of ups and downs and for a while now, when going through down times, I've been forgetting my blessings and how great the vast majority of my life really is. Hence, I feel is a great idea to remind myself of GRATITUDE and keep that word at the forefront of my life when things are good but specially when things are not so good. As one quote I read long ago indicated: "Remember, happiness always comes back. You know, in case you ever feel its absence".

On Self Love...

This one is pretty straight forward. I have realized that this is a major one for me that I must improve upon each and everyday. To me, self love means to make a conscious effort to treat myself well mentally, physically, and spiritually. If any person comes in to my space that may "hinder" my plans of self love in any way, shape, or form; I must have the courage to delete and/or distance myself from said person. In a nutshell, my plan is to follow the following words of wisdom:

Thank you, Chaplin. You nailed it. 

Now, for 'taking things personal'...

Several experiences, specially during 2014, made me realize that I have a problem with taking things personal. Have you ever heard the idea that God or "the universe" puts people in our lives that come in for a purpose? Well, I met someone this past year whom pushed my buttons in more ways than one. More than anyone else in my entire life and I've come to the conclusion that one reason why this person came in to my life is to teach me a lesson. 

When interacting with this person I would find myself frustrated, anxious, angry, upset--- I was a ball of negative emotions! And the worst part is that when I would look back at the situations that would get me this way, I would realize that 8/10 times, I would be blowing things out of proportion or letting my mind wonder to hell and back. 

When I would take a step back and tell myself "dont take it personal. is not about you. is never about you". I would suddenly feel myself at peace and in harmony with myself and everything else around me. It was such a huge difference that came from simply changing my mentality. Hence, this is another "theme" I want to keep at the forefront of my life this 2015 as I believe it'd be of great help when and if I find myself in any challenging situations. 

Since we are on the topic, if you are looking for any great books to read this year, I would highly recommend this one:

The Four Agreements is a book I find myself reading over and over again or thinking about whenever I am faced with certain situations. Is one of my favorite books of all times and I recommend it to pretty much everyone I care about. Is a short read and its lessons are truly incredible. The author was on Oprah last year. Check out an excerpt of the show here. 

And that's all folks! Thank you for reading and I hope you'll join me in choosing your own "personal themes" for the year ahead. Anything you have in mind? share with me below! Also, if you have book recommendations for me, would love to hear it as well.

Have an incredible day. See you soon!


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