Ma Bella Vita: 5 and 2 thoughts on 50-Shade of Gray (without giving anything away)

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Saturday, February 21, 2015

5 and 2 thoughts on 50-Shade of Gray (without giving anything away)

Good morning lovelies and happy Saturday.

I had a movie date with one of my good friends last night (Hi Yosie!) we planned to watch 50-shades. First of all, I want to make it clear that I have not read any of the books but I did witness people all over New York, for almost an entire year, reading the book anywhere you can possibly think of. 

The funny part is that most of the people I would spot with the book were older (meaning 50+). I came to the conclusion that no matter your age, some people have no shame. I have no clue whats in that book but I've heard the hype about it and Im sure is nothing PG. I may give the book a read sooner or later when I can borrow it from the library. 

But anyways, enough about that. My friend wanted to watch the move so I said why not. I was secretly interested in seeing what the hype was all about. This movie made millions during their first showing (I think upwards or around 100 million, but dont quote me on it). Im sure that was a result of the hype not necessarily the 'great content' of the movie, considering it was its first weekend in the theaters last week. Also, I think is incredible how a single book series can cause so much hype and gather so many fans. The author must still be trying to process how all this happened. Props to you, E. L. James. 

Five things I enjoyed about the movie:

1. I am glad they used 'up and coming' actors rather than the ones we see in almost every movie. Is great they are giving fairly new talent a chance. Plus, the main characters, Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan, are both pretty hot- in my humble opinion. 

2. Despite all the "soft porn" I think everything was 'tasteful' and they did a pretty good job not jumping in to the 'vulgar' side of things. (With that said, if I had a 17 year old daughter this is NOT something I'd watch with her. I'd say this movie should be for 21+).

3. I was happy to see Victor Rasuk back in the big screen. I watched what I believe was his first movie when I was in college (ages ago!) and I didn't realize it was him until my friend pointed it out.

4. Despite the fact that I didn't read the book, the story line did keep me intrigued and wondering what would happen next. The movie was entertaining the entire time (wondering if people that read the book felt any different).

5. My favorite part: The producers made sure they showed "Christian" opening up a condom before each sexual encounter (props for that. Safe sex!)

Two things I didn't like:

1. A scene where Anastasia is getting "punished" I am not a fan of violence in any way, shape, or form and I feel this was a bit over-board. But I guess is part of the book so they had to show it?

2. The ending left everyone up in arms... (huh?! thats it?) but I am 100% sure that was grounds for the sequel.

...and that's all folks. Thank you for reading.

Tell Me, have you read the book or watched the movie? what are YOUR thoughts?


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