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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Chocolate and Cofee at Leonidas {and the power of TRUE friendships}

I had quite the intense Monday yesterday.

I attended an all-day conference in downtown Manhattan by the Wall Street area. I live about 1 hour 20 mins away from there by subway so that meant I had to wake up at the crack of dawn to make it there on time. Thankfully, the subway system was in its best behavior, at least on my way there (thank goodness!) and everything worked out perfectly.

Being downtown was the perfect opportunity to reach out to a very good friend of mine. A former co-worker who still works in the area. I let her know I was around and we met up for coffee after the work day was over.

We arrived at this awesome place:

Sorry I don't have a better picture. Had to 'borrow' this one from Google since I forgot to take one yesterday.

{ Fun fact: I visited one of their original stores during my trip to Brussels back in 2011. I always get such a nice fuzzy feeling when I run in to places in the U.S that I've visited in other countries. }

I got myself the cappuccino and my friend grabbed the hot chocolate and coffee cake. I'm on my "healthy foods only" mindset and so I skipped dessert although everything looked absolutely delicious.

Complementary piece of chocolate with all beverages. I went with the piece of Dark & Caramel:

So anyways, I met Anam back in 2012 when she was a new employee at the company where I used to work. I didn't know what to think of her at first but I think we hit it off from our very first real conversation. Although my prior jobs haven't been the "most fun ever" or "my passion", I still value the experiences I had and I am incredibly thankful for them. One of the things I am the most greateful for are the friendships I was able to develop. Most of my very close friends (the ones I consider true friends) I have met through prior employers. These are people I keep in touch with, hang out with, and would go visit them hours away or go to their destination weddings if I had to, and vice-versa.

We all have acquaintances or one thousand Facebook friends. people we only say hello to at random get togethers with mutual friends or only talk to once in a blue moon. However, we also have those people we consider our true friends. Yesterday was a good day because I was able to spend quality time with one of them.

We stood at the spot for nearly two hours (pretty much until they kicked us out because the place was closing). We talked about work, careers, vacations, our love life, future trips, future plans, problems, solutions, and everything in between. It was awesome catching up.

I got some great advise from her (as usual) in regards to certain thing(s) in my life and I did the same for her. I left that conversation and downtown Manhattan feeling refreshed and excited. That's how I knew it was time well spent. There's a lot of awesome things going on in her life as well and I was so happy to hear them and see her glowing with optimism. What a great way to end a hectic day!

Tell me, have you ever visited a Leonidas?
On friendships-- what are your thoughts on acquaintances V. real friendships?

Thanks for reading!


This is NOT a sponsored post. I simply enjoyed my time at Leonidas and felt like sharing.

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