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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Delicious Finds #2: Organic White Cheddar Puffs

Hello lovely readers,

Happy Saturday!

If you missed Delicious Finds #1 check it out HERE.

As mentioned in my original post-- from time to time I come across 'serendipitous' finds at the supermarket, Target, my local Bodega, etc. Items which catch my eye, I grab on a whim, and which turn out to be delicious.

In these post, I share my finds and what I think of them.

Not being sponsored for this. Just sharing.

So part of my "grocery shopping" staples include chips which I tend to eat with my sandwiches or wraps during lunch. Chips make my lunches simply more wholesome and satisfying to say the least not to mention I'm usually very busy during the day so I tend to prep quick lunches.

While shopping at Aldis, I usually grab their Sweet Potato chips (also super delicious). But the other day, right next to my go-to chips I found this gem:

First of all, some advise for the marketing department or designer of the bag of this product: remove the "Kids" label. I almost didn't buy this because I don't have any kids at home so I was a bit hesitant. The only thing that motivated me to put it in my cart was reading the ingredients. Every single ingredient was organic and everything sounded so delicious I couldn't resist. I believe the bag was $1.99 or so (cant remember exactly) but it seemed like quite the bargain.

I got home right at the nick of time: Lunch Time! and I prepped my sandwich. I couldn't wait to try this product and let me tell you something--- it did not disappoint!! Light and fluffy cheese flavor. Kinda' melts in your mouth. Super flavorful but not overpowering. Perfect complement to my lunches. Very similar in texture and flavor to Pirate Booty products (if you'd tried them).

I believe the 'Simply Nature' brand is owned by Aldis. So, if you have one near you or shop at one, I'd encourage you to check this out and try it. I looked through my pictures to see if I took a photo of the first meal I had with the puffs but couldn't find any. I guess I couldn't wait to eat that day and forgot to take a picture :)

And that's all ladies and gents.

Tell me, have you tried this product? Have you tried anything delicious lately that you came across by "chance" and would recommend? let me know!

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  1. I love Aldi! I find great stuff there all the time. I haven't tried this puffs though, yet! I recently discovered some veggie burgers their by Seasons Choice that are amazing!!! 90 calories for 1 patty, 5 grams of protein, and gluten free.


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