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Friday, February 27, 2015

Fortunate Fridays {Friendships Edition}

Hello ladies and gents, happy Friday! We have reached yet another weekend (yeyy). How was your week? Mine was busy. Got tons of work done but also spent quality time with people that mean a lot to me, which is always good.

[breakfast this morning: Yummy oatmeal with yummy toppings + my cafe. ive been on an oatmeal kick lately. Have you noticed?]

This week I felt fortunate for {including but not limited to the following}:

1. Meeting new people and getting to know them {even if I don't know if I'll ever see them again}: I attended an event on Monday in downtown Manhattan where I got to me multiple people from different parts of the U.S. Most of us took time to chat and got to know each other- a little bit about our backgrounds and common interests. It was cool to have a nice conversation with 'complete strangers'. Lets see when life decides to reunite us again. 

2. Spontaneous plans with one of my best friends; meeting for coffee and having awesome conversation: After my event on Monday I called up a former co-worker and we met up for an awesome chat. I talk about that in Tuesday's post. 

3. The good company of a friend on a random weekday night and catching up over a glass of champagne: Friendships are awesome, aren't they? Apparently this was friendship week because another one of my friends visited me and we had a great time catching up. Needless to say the bottle was pretty much done by the end of our chat (YOLO?)

*Not to go off a tangent here but while listening to the news on the radio the other day I listened to a segment by Dr. Oz where he talked briefly about the benefits of friendships for people still searching for "the one". He said something that stuck with me:

4. My part-time gig working with kids, and my awesome manager: After grad school ended I've found myself with extra time to do extra work and I am currently working with children part time (In addition to my full time job) which I love. My current manager definitely takes the prize for the best I've had pretty much ever. 

5. The ability to read so many amazing books which are helping me with my career, most of which I've borrowed from the library. I have been reading so much lately and I am so grateful for the Library (which I consider one of my happy places). Besides borrowing actual books I absolutely love their ebook feature. I can hear about pretty much any book, look it up and it'll be in my Ipad within minutes. I'm loving it. 

6. Bonus: Remaining consistent with my workouts. I have several posts to write about this one but pretty much since the year started I have been following a plan I set for myself-- to make a conscious effort to work out and eat healthy as consistently as possible (remember what I said about the power of writing things down?). So far I feel fabulous and I've passed the "21 day mark" which means this is becoming a habit. I am at the point where I feel uncomfortable if I don't work out on my set days or don't have veggies and fruit in my fridge. So much more to come on this. Please stay tuned!

Infamous gym selfie

And that's all folks. Great week with great people and looking forward to a nice weekend. Ive heard we're suppose to have a warmer weekend here in NYC so i hope that's the case. Dont wanna jinx it.

Tell me, have you read any great books lately that you would recommend? let me know!


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    1. Thank you Alissa. Life is filled with ups and downs but I try to remain optimistic through it all! :)


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