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Friday, February 13, 2015

Fortunate Fridays {Pre V-day edition}

Hello my dear readers,

Another Friday is upon us. If you missed my post last week, the purpose of FF is to share the top five things I am thankful for throughout the week. It is a way for me to remain grateful for what I have in life while working towards the things I want. Also, a way to encourage you to do the same.

Without further 'ado, here's the run down:

1. The ability to run: I started a new fitness program about 30 days ago (more on that to come). I decided to start from scratch taking it one day at the time and one step at the time. After a slow and steady beginning; I have reached the "running" stage of the program. I am grateful for my strong legs, which have carried me through so much and continue to do so with no complaints. I hadn't run in a while and this week I was reminded of how great it feels.

2. My sister's boyfriend digging my car out of the snow: Ok this was major! Thanks to a ridiculous amount of snow and ice taking over New York City about 2 weeks ago, my poor car had been under tons of ice and I had been unable to move it. Thankfully my sister's boyfriend is an angel. Such an awesome guy who actually took the time last Saturday to get my car out of the ice. I couldn't be more grateful. I am so happy my sister found such a wonderful guy. That gesture made my entire week.

3. Sushi and quality time with special people: I love sushi and thankfully a good friend of mine shares the same passion. Whenever we meet up to eat we go to a sushi spot in Downtown Manhattan and always have an amazing time. Last weekend we did it again and it was as awesome as always.

4. Spontaneous night out with old and new friends: I am such a homebody that this was pretty crazy but this past Tuesday night I got a random text from another good friend of mine asking me to meet him and another buddy for drinks someplace near my neighborhood. After tons of hesitation (because is what I do). I finally said 'what the heck!', got dressed and met up with them. Sooo much fun. So glad I did it and I was up and energized the next morning for work. Who would have thought?! And a met a new friend in the process. Win. Win.

5. Growing my blogging reach: Ok so blogging is something I absolutely LOVE to do and the fact that it is getting attention and im being asked to participate in different fun things makes me super excited. This week I was invited to join a bloggers network with tons of cool aspects to it. It was so great to receive a personal invitation through email and I am looking forward to getting started. Always good when the blog gets recognized one way or another.

And by the way, this was breakfast early this morning (as always, I am grateful for food but that's a given ;)...)

{Trader Joe's Cinnamon-raisin English muffin with PB&J + Coffee w/ soy milk}

So, valentines day is this weekend and I have to be honest that I am one of those people that's not a big fan of the day and enjoys keeping it low key. I think it sucks how businesses take advantage of regular folks and over-price every single thing on that day or the days approaching V-day. It irks me.

If you have a wonderful relationship, you shouldn't need one single day to show your love. Love should be expressed year-round. But, aside from the commercial aspect of the day, the "idea" of having an excuse to show how much you love and care about someone makes up for all the downside. It is my sister's birthday and my mom is having a little something for her. After that, the night is young! :) So, we'll see what happens.

And that's all folks. Thanks for reading. I wish you an incredibly fun weekend!

Tell me, what is the one thing you are most grateful for this week?

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