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Monday, February 16, 2015

How I feed my body and soul in the mornings for an incredible day

Happy Monday lovelies!

Most of us here in the U.S are enjoying a day off from work thanks to presidents day. However, as someone striving to grow their own business (I include myself in that bunch) there are no real days off. So, if you are working away like me, welcome to the club.

Breakfast this morning: Organic oatmeal made w/ almond milk. Added toppings: Sliced almonds + raisins. Cafe w/ soy milk on the side.

The purpose of this post is to share a little ritual I have for myself which allows me to start days on a positive note and carry on the momentum to the rest of my day.

I want to emphasize that I am aware most of us don't have to time to carry on any rituals. Specially early in the morning when most of us are rushing away to get to work on time and save the world before 9:00 am. What I have been trying to do is wake up earlier on most days (ie: 6 or 7 am) and use about 20-30 minutes of that extra morning time to complete my ritual.

In all honesty, weekdays are not always easy to make this happen so I take full advantage of weekend mornings as well as the days in which I have some time to spare (like today). Without further 'ado, here we go:

  • Wake up early (or as early as I can): Set up the coffee maker and brew some coffee (or heat up water for tea, whichever you prefer) while I use the bathroom, brush my teeth, etc.
  • Read for about 10-15 minutes while enjoying my beverage: I like to start things off with some motivational, "feel good" reading. Sometimes is an excerpt from the bible. However, you can also choose from a motivational book you may already be reading. Or, if you'd like some recommendations; any book by Joel Osteen is phenomenal for spiritual inspiration and motivation. Anything you choose to read make sure it something that makes you feel good and refreshed.
  • Practice some quick stretches and start getting ready for my day-- sometimes I hit the gym immediately after my ritual or head to work with a "is going to be a great day" attitude. 
As I mentioned, some of you may feel this is too much for the morning time (trust me, is not). However, if you feel that way-- start off by incorporating one or two of these tips in to your days. Or, simply wait for the weekend or your day off so you'll have more time to "indulge" in these rituals. 

I know for a fact I always feel great when I am able to carry these out. Try it for a week or so and let me know how you feel.

Thanks for reading!

Tell me, do YOU have any feel-good daily or weekly rituals you'd like to share?

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