Ma Bella Vita: Mid-Week Motivation 2: The power of writing things down!

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Mid-Week Motivation 2: The power of writing things down!

Hi Lovelies,

Welcome to post #2 of my "mid week motivation" series. If you missed post #1 check it out here. I am working structuring my blog in a way that when you visit me, you find tons of motivation and inspiration to lead a better life. As a self-proclaimed 'health and fitness lifestyle blogger' I do enjoy sharing tips and idea on healthy living including yummy meals and workout ideas. However, I also want to take it a step further and share life advise. I am constantly learning and exploring (its an ongoing process!). What better way to make sure I am absorbing and applying what I learn than to share with others. We can all get better together.

So here we go...

Ever since I can remember I've always been a goal-oriented person. One of the things that keeps me the most motivated and excited about life and progression is to set goals for myself as well as set a plan to accomplish said goals. I used to be very 'general' with my goals but with time I have 'perfected my craft' by being more specific in regards to the things I want and how I will get there. One thing that I have noticed has worked tremendously for me is writing down the things I want out of life. And I dont mean typing things down on your computer screen. I mean the old school way of grabbing a pen and a journal.

I truly believe there is something 'magical' about putting pen to paper and letting the 'universe' know about your goals and dreams. I was going through a journal I had back in 2008 and was reading a list of goals I had written down in that journal. From getting my own apartment to finishing my MBA by the age of 30 and several things in between. Guess what-- about 99% of the goals I wrote down came to reality. I almost cried when I saw that. Then, I remembered that pretty much every single thing I have outlined in my life and have put pen to paper to has come true and continues to come true which is quite the magical and eye-opening realization. Is a habit I will continue to implement in my life for as long as I am in this wonderful earth.

Today i encourage you to take 10-15 minutes of your time, put pen to paper and map out your dreams. It doesn't matter how 'crazy' they may seem or how 'ridiculous' they may sound to you. As the sayings go: "Is not your job to figure out HOW things will happen. Your job is to know what you want and that it WILL happen".

Believe in that higher power, the universe, anything. Just Believe.

Thank you for reading.

Tell me, what is your 'goal-achieving' tool? Are you a fan of writing things down?



  1. yes! i so agree on this. i wrote something about saying it out loud - similar to writing it down. it makes it real!

  2. Saying it outloud is definitely another amazing "trick" for things to come in to realization. Glad we share the same mind set :)


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