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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Self-Love should ALWAYS comes first

There is one single lesson that the universe has been trying to teach me for a while and after about 30 years of life I think I am finally getting the hang of it...

When it comes to relationships I have been guilty of expecting others to love me when I didnt give myself the love and respect that I deserved. I used to hear the "cliche" saying of "love yourself first" all the time and always thought it was corny and dumb....until I realized it's far from it.

When you love yourself...

1. You dont accept poor treatment from anyone
2. You speak up for yourself
3. You make a conscious effort to treat your body, mind, and spirit with the respect it deserves
4. You walk away from anything and anyone that doesn't make you happy and doesn't add anything to your life
5. When you love yourself you show it by respecting yourself-- in every sense of the word.

This valentines day, whether you have a significant other or not or whether or not you have a hot date planned. I encourage you to think of yourself first. Are you happy? are you in a situation that is adding positivism to your life? are you doing everything in your power to make sure YOU are okay? (before anyone else). You may think that's selfish but, like in airplanes when the oxygen masks come down, unless you give yourself 'oxygen' how can you expect to give it to anyone else?

This morning my actions of self-love included: waking up bright and early and thanking God for yet another day. I then got a workout in:

(Gilad- my favorite work-out person, Jillian Michaels comes second ;)

 ...and made myself some delicious breakfast. 

Not my actual breakfast but close enough. Source

Now I am ready to enjoy my day to the fullest. And bonus: is my sister's bday! :) so, looking forward to time with the family and loved ones <3

Have a great one! And remember to LOVE YOURSELF UNCONDITIONALLY. 

With Love,

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