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Friday, February 6, 2015

{The Return of} Fortunate Fridays

Hello my dear readers!

I had whole-wheat blueberry pancakes this morning with eggs and sausage plus my cup of Joe with soy milk. I enjoyed my meal while doing work and reading the paper (new obsession: Wall Street Journal). I forgot to take a picture. So, thank you Pinterest for lending a helping hand:

I haven't followed up with this series since last summer! I apologize. This is a part of my life that I love to share-- not with the purpose of bragging about my life by any means. But, more than anything, as a personal reminder that regardless of any challenging times we may face, there is always something to be thankful {and feel fortunate} for.

Sometimes is hard for us to remember our blessings, I include myself in that bunch, the FF posts is a way in which I help myself do just that. I encourage you to do the same. Doesn't have to be on a Friday but whenever you feel it would be beneficial to you.

These are the top five items I feel fortunate for this week:

1. My sister giving me a ride to the gym: My car is stranded behind a pile of ice and I have been unable to get it out this entire week. I called AAA and the customer service department was of no help. Whatever. My loving boyfriend and future husband {the one whom would help me with this} is somewhere in the future.  As I wait for him to get here, I am hoping my friend or dad can come help me get it out this weekend. In the meantime, my awesome sister drove me to the gym and that was pretty awesome of her.

2. Being able to help a friend in need: Although my career is still a work in progress and I am not making the income I want to make just yet, I was still able to lend  a helping hand to a friend in need this week. If you know me, you know I am super frugal and meticulous about my money. However, there are times where exceptions need to be made and this was one of them.

3. Doing what I love for a living (a work in progress): I don't even know where to begin with this. Since quitting my insurance job last May, my career has been an emotional roller coaster with incredible amazing times as well as times where I am scared about whats to come. However, one thing is for sure, I am doing what I love and I wake up each morning (and go to bed  each night) with so much motivation and excitement. That is completely and utterly priceless. I know with hard work and dedication the financials will take care of themselves. Patience is virtue. More on this topic coming soon.

4. Having a place to live that is cozy, comfortable, and mine: So, one of the days in which my sis drove me to the gym I had to walk myself back home because she had some errands to run. The walk is about 15 minutes on a regular nice day but it took me 30 minutes thanks to the ridiculous amount of snow and ice on the streets. I felt like I was walking through a spartan race obstacle course. Anyways, despite the struggles of that walk; I kept reminding myself that I am not homeless nor was I just walking aimlessly, which sadly, is something that many people do daily. I was walking myself home. My warm, cozy, home. If this is not something to be utterly and completely thankful for, I don't know what is.

5. Remembering that I am not alone-- Despite my relationships ups and downs in the past year I have to remind myself that I have tons of people that love me and care for me. I also have a strong sense of faith that everything that happens in my life is working towards my benefit. So, regardless of the tough times I remind myself that happiness always returns. As you may have notice--- this is one of my favorite sayings :)

What are YOU thankful for this week? I hope you all have plans for a phenomenal weekend whether you spend it doing fun stuff or simply cozied-up at home.

Thank you for reading <3


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