Ma Bella Vita: Delicious Finds #3: Inexpensive (and super delicious) Gluten Free Mac N Cheese

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Delicious Finds #3: Inexpensive (and super delicious) Gluten Free Mac N Cheese

Note: this is not a sponsored post. This is simply a series where I share serendipitous supermarket finds that turn out to be delicious.

Hello my loves,

Happy Thursday! Hope everyone is having a great week so far. Just a quick post to share yet another super market find that has turned out to be truly delicious. I twitted about it the first time I made it and have been a fan ever since.

Last week I was able to find some organic chicken cutlets on sale at my local supermarket and thought to myself--- what better way to pair up some delicious chicken than with mac and cheese plus some veggies on the side to round it all up?! Well, that's exactly what I've been having for dinner the last couple of nights and I've had enough self control to still still have a good amount left over.

I believe the box is good for allegedly 2.5 servings but I've been portioning it to one cup each time I have some (2 times this week) and it looks like I still may have enough for two more servings.
The rice pasta comes with its own cheese powder, however, I add about 1/4 cup of part skim mozarella to make it more wholesome. Another tip is that I been using almond milk instead of the regular 2% milk the recipe in the box calls for; making it a whole lot creamier.
Almost forgot to mention this 'delicious find' was found at Aldis (can you tell I love that place?!). The box only costs about $1.99 if I remember correctly. I know it probably doesnt compare to mac and cheese made from scratch but is a great alternative for a quick and delicious meal. Also, a lot healthier than other options, in my opinion. Perfect to satisfy that comfort food craving from time to time.
Again, I am not getting paid to write about this. I simply enjoy several of their products. After I twitted about the mac and cheese, someone from their social media group did reach out (publicly, via twitter) to offer some coupons. I have yet to take advantage of that but will in the near future. We shall see. If anyone from Aldis is reading this please email me :)

And that's all folks!
Would love to hear from you-- what is your favorite mac and cheese recipe? Link it below! would love to give it a try.


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