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Friday, March 6, 2015

Fortunate Fridays {A mother's Love} Edition

Good day my loves!

Another Friday is upon us. Here I am to share the awesome things that happened this week, which I feel fortunate for.

As I've  previously mentioned, nobody's life is perfect but these posts give me the opportunity to remember to count my blessings and be grateful for the good things that happen in my life. And guess what, we can always decide that our lives are "perfect" based on our own definition of the word.

One thing is for sure, being grateful always brings positivism in to my life one way or another. So, I recommend you try it, even if its for one day, and see how you feel.

This week I feel fortunate for:

#1 My mothers health-- My mom had some issues with her arm this week and we were worried because she was in a lot of pain and in tears for days. Thankfully she was examined and she is okay other than having a 'frozen shoulder' (bursitis) which is currently being treated. I love my mom so much it made me sad to see her in so much pain. However, I am INCREDIBLY grateful and feel very fortunate that this is something that is being treated and she'll be back to her normal self in no time.

#2 A flexible schedule which I allowed me to accompany my mom to doctor's appointments- This is self explanatory but my flexible schedule came in at the absolute perfect time as I was able to help my mom through all her appointments as well as some chores around the house.

#3 My car- I may drive a 1997 Lexus but is my car and it takes me where I need to go safely and with no issues. That is all I need. I bought my car in a lump sum back in 2006 and its been one of the best investments I've ever made. I may "upgrade" at some point in the future but I am forever grateful for my wheels.

#4 The spontaneous decision to go pamper myself and get a manicure (its been a while)- I cant remember the last time I had my nails done. Today I went to the mall to get some pants for this weekend and wasnt able to find the pants. I was a bit bummed out but then came accross the nail spot and said to myself "why not?". I picked some "chocolate" flavor by Etsy and loved the color. Has to be one of my all time faves. Hope I am able to find it again next time I feel like having chocolate nails ;). Just because I felt like treating myself. Thankful for the ability to do so. The best $12 bucks I've spent in a while (including tip).

#5 My Love for cooking- I love making healthy and delicious meals for myself and whomever guest comes to my house. I find so much joy in preparing foods. I'd say my favorite meals to make are breakfast and then dinner. Lunch I usually grab something quick (still yummy, just quick because Im in the middle of the workday). Below is an example of a couple of things I had for dinner this week. If you follow me on Twitter I share a lot of the foods I make on there.

And that's all ladies and gents. Thank you for reading. Hope you ALL have a fabulous weekend.

Tell me, what is your favorite go-to dinner dish?



  1. frozen shoulder eeek. hopefully she feels better soon. my fav go-to dinner dish is always something with sweet potatoes. fills me up and helps me unwind after a stressful day. xo

    1. Apparently is a terribly painful condition. She is getting better, thank god!....
      ...You can never go wrong with sweet potatoes. Its been a while since Ive had some but delicious nonetheless.

  2. I'm glad your mom will be ok. I love to cook too. I often make tortilla pizzas if I'm unsure of what to make.

    1. Thank you Alissa!
      ....tortilla pizza sound delicious. You should share the recipe on your blog (unless I missed it :).


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