Ma Bella Vita: Fortunate Fridays {Trying new things, edition}

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Friday, March 13, 2015

Fortunate Fridays {Trying new things, edition}

Good morning loves,

It is Friday.

Breakfast @ crack of dawn: mini multigrain pancakes, egg whites, cup of Joe w/ soy.

1. A safe and super fun weekend get away: Felix organized a weekend get away last Friday. The location was about a couple of hours away from New York City. I had the best time during the road trip and then simply relaxing in the mountains and trying new stuff. See below.

2. Trying new things {even if they are scary}: Tried snowboarding for the first time and while I spent most of the time in the floor and my rear end felt pretty bruised for a few days thereafter; I had a very fun time. I didn't think I would say this but I am actually looking forward to trying it again. However, next time around I am considering trying out skiing (which I hear is easier) as opposed to snow boarding. We shall see! We got to do our thing, drank some cocoa, surrounded ourselves with snow fanatics and snow boarded to our hearts desired. Good times.

Besides the snow boarding we also had some yummy eats along the way. While I wait for Felix to send over the snow boarding photos, here's a glimpse of the food (one of my favorite parts, of course):

We ran in to this brunch spot as we followed the GPS to another place. We just decided to stop here. 

The change of location was a good idea as the food turned out to be delicious. Believe it or not, these pancakes & eggs were off their "fit" menu (score!).

We both LOVE Sushi (we eat it pretty much every single time we hang out). So, is no surprise we had a nice sushi meal for dinner after our snow boarding adventure:

I opted for the salmon-avocado & shrimp tempura (pictured). He had the chicken tempura, cream cheese, and something else (not pictured). 

3. Online courses: I came across a series of tutorials for a topic I am interested in (in relation to my career). I cant wait to dive in and actually get through the entire course.

4. My friends reaching out to me: I've gone through some up and downs emotionally this week and although I haven't really talked about it with anyone, I am glad that my friends think about me and reach out to hang out or simply to chat.

5. Lessons learned from a phenomenal book: I've been reading an incredible book lately. One which will go in to my "personal best books hall of fame". I cant wait to finish it and share a full review of it with you all. Stay tuned.

6. Bonus: The calming understanding that the best is yet to come. I may not have arrived where I want to be yet but I rejoice in the understanding that I am well on my way. I am incredibly grateful that I have all I need to get where I need to go and whatever I may eventually be missing will manifest itself in my life when the time is right. Thankful for the resources that keep me going as I walk towards my objectives. Always taking it a step at the time and trying not to loose motivation along the way. As one of my favorite poems says: " if you must but do not quit".

And that's all my loves. Any fun plans for the weekend? I believe one of my best friends may be going over to my apartment tonight for a wine and chat evening. We also have plans for a gym date on Saturday morning. Then we'll see what the rest of the weekend brings.

Tell me, do you have a favorite motivational mantra or poem?



  1. Great poem! I have a poem that I love that is also titled "Don't Quit" and it has the same sentiments.

    1. Yeah. Is one of those "feel good" inspirational reads. Cant go wrong with those :)

  2. I love the sliced bananas on top of the pancakes! Hmm and for a quote/mantra i always say "this too shall pass" to myself. I need it tattooed on me i think. its the best reminder for myself to accept that everything is temporary and nothing will stay constant

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. Served as a spring board for today's "what I know for sure Sundays" post. :) totally agree with you.

  3. I've only ever skied, never snowboarded, so I can't image how scary that was. Go you :) Love the overview!


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