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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Manifesting True Success with Oprah and Deepak

Hello my loves,

Hope you all had a great Thursday. I had a long day and just finished eating some dinner:

*Brown rice, grilled turkey burger with mushrooms & peppers, side of vegetables*

Ready to sit back and relax for the rest of the evening. Maybe watch some television and do some light reading.

Anyways, just here to share that this Monday I plan to join yet another one of Oprah's and Deepak's 21-day meditation programs and my goal is to actually get through the entire thing. As per the email I received, this is what this particular series will be focusing on:

Dear Friend,
True success is something you live, not an end state you arrive at. In Manifesting True Success, you’ll learn to embody authentic, lasting success, as you discover how to:
  • open yourself up to the infinite opportunities that exist in the here and now
  • find freshness, excitement, and meaning in each day
  • give your daily activities direction and purpose
  • let go of past conditioning to start making successful decisions
  • expand your awareness to make success as effortless and natural as possible
I have to be honest in that I've joined some of the programs in the past and would miss several of the sessions, would have to catch up several sessions at the time (with didn't necessarily feel like meditation), or would simply miss the entire thing. I want to do better this time around.

I do recall the messages being quite amazing and insightful. Here is the best part: is completely free! There may still be time to sign up. Check it out here.

I am here announcing this to my dear readers so you all can keep me accountable. I'm not saying I'll be discussing each and every one of the sessions here in the blog. However, may do a weekly recap or something like that. We'll see. Wish me luck :-)

Tell me, have you completed any of Oprah's meditation classes in the past? If not, you're welcome to join me :)

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