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Saturday, March 21, 2015

My Friend's Destination Wedding (pre-wedding post)

Hello my dear friends,

Good morning! And happy Monday. I am actually publishing this post from the airport as I am on my way to my best friend's destination wedding in the Dominican Republic.

Lejla and I met in 2001 when we got hired for the same exact company after we graduated college.

Us in 2008 during a trip to the Bahamas with a group of friends.

Although our lives and careers eventually took separate paths, we remain extremely good friends with an incredible bond. We live miles and miles away from each other but we've been lucky enough to see each other once a year during the past few years (trust me, that's a lot considering the distance).

Selfie during an outing when I went to visit her in Albany years ago!

However, regardless of the distance and the lack of ongoing communication, I still consider her one of my best friends and I know she feels exactly the same.

During a visit to her gorgeous lake house in Syracuse, NY last summer. 

During our 'single days' we did so much stuff together from visiting each other's apartments (in completely different cities) and spending weekends with each other wherever we lived at the time, to going shopping, to trips to New Orleans, The Bahamas, Miami, and the list goes on. We've experienced so much together and I am just glad our bond simply gets stronger over the years.

I am so happy that she found love in a person whom I see as her perfect partner. Dave is a wonderful guy who I know makes her very happy and I am so excited to be present as they unite their lives forever.

With that said, I will be away from the blog for the next 3 days as I plan to take a bit of a break from blogging to fully enjoy the trip and all the activities that are planned for the guest. Plus, not sure how good free the internet connection will be from the resort :)......I cant wait to tell you all about it upon my return.

Have a wonderful week.

Tell me, have you ever attended a destination wedding? where? how was it?


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