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Saturday, March 21, 2015

What I know for sure Sundays: On not getting what you want

Hello everyone!

Hope you're all having a nice, relaxing, nurturing Sunday today with your loved ones or simply on your own, enjoying the tranquility that Sundays can bring.

Today the post is dedicated to myself and everyone out there who had a recent disappointment and is wondering why things didn't work out as they expected. Yesterday I found out that I didn't get a position for a job I have been applying to the past few months. It was one of those jobs where you need letters of recommendation, involves hefty applications, interviews, the works. I made it all the way to the final stage only to receive a letter from the organization apologizing that I wasn't chosen.

If you are getting a bit confused about this; yes. I currently work from home and I am currently doing what I love to do. However, the job I was applying for would provide me with more of a steady paycheck and I would be doing something meaningful for my community. Nonetheless, for whatever reason, the starts were aligned for someone else.

Although this job was not necessarily my "dream job", nobody likes rejection. I think I was in a place of shock as I read the email and then felt sad. What the heck would I do now?! I asked myself. I really thought I had this. Then I remembered that  nothing just happens. Every single thing that happens (or doesn't) has an ultimate reason. Call it divine reason, or whatever you may like. However, this is something I have learned from experience in the past and I know this will be no exception. As hard as it may be to realize it at this very moment.

I am reminding myself that in my prior work experiences, there were times where I was rejected from jobs I thought I "really wanted" and a couple of months down the line I would get something that would be a million times better for me. I have to remember how the universe works.

I forgot how the quote goes exactly but is something among the lines that:

"We must remember that everything that happens to us is for our ultimate good. Everything works together towards a better destiny". 

So this is what I know for sure, as noted in the intro of this blog post:

"...That sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful struck of luck".

Lets see where this takes me. Lets see what the universe has reserved for me. In the meantime I will continue to work hard in my own endevours, I will continue to be thankful for what I do have at the present moment, and I will continue walking with blind faith. God has never failed me before and Im pretty sure he's not going to start now.

Tell me, have you gone through a similar situation only to realize is the best thing that could have happened to you? would love to hear your thoughts.

Love you all.


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