Ma Bella Vita: What I know for Sure Sundays IV: Everything has a solution, except if you're dead

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Sunday, March 8, 2015

What I know for Sure Sundays IV: Everything has a solution, except if you're dead

Hello my loves,

Hope you're all having a great Sunday. Sorry this post went up a little late. I just got in to my apartment after a nice get away weekend.

While away yesterday, I found out some terrible news--- an acquaintance of mine with whom I spent good times with (close friends with my sister) Passed away a couple of days ago. This girl was a 23 year old gorgeous, smart, Columbia University graduate student. May she rest in peace. Appears heaven was ready to welcome an incredible person.

Although I have no clue of the details as of yet. Apparently she made the decision to end her life. This very sad situation made me reflect on how the mind can be such a powerful force-- we can be dragged through the mud of misery and depression or we can be raised to the ultimate high of greatness and glory, simply based on the thoughts that we think or the things we say to ourselves.

I cannot speak for her. I have no clue whether she was depressed, whether she was going through some serious problems that she did not want to share with other people. I don't know and maybe we will never know. 

I have to admit that Ive gone through situations in my life where I felt that maybe ending my life would be the only way to go. I am sure many of us have had that thought cross our minds at one point or another. Maybe is human nature. However, acting on those thoughts is obviously a completely different story. Once you are gone, you are gone. All that is left behind are the people that love you and their incredible pain for the loss (I cant even imagine the kind of pain her family is going through right now).

However, as long as you are alive and well, everything has a solution. Life have taught me this more than once. And so, this is what I know for sure:

"No matter what troubles we are faced with in life; everything has a solution. Except if you are dead. At that point, there is no turning back."

I wish she would have taken the time to speak to someone about her troubles. Sometimes we feel so incredibly consumed about an issue that we may feel there is no turning back and we may get to the point where we worry ourselves to death (literally). However, if we take the time to maybe journal about our issues to help get them all out or if we talk to a confidant, a good friend-- often times these approaches may help us put things in to perspective to the point where the problem may not seem as serious anymore.

Whatever her reasons were, may her beautiful soul rests in peace.

one of my favorite bible verses

And that's all my friends. This post is dedicated to that life we lost. She will be missed <3

Tell me, how do YOU cope with challenging situations?



  1. So sorry for your loss. Depression is a powerful thing- you begin to think and be a person you can't even recognize and you don't even realize it. Maybe times like this, we have to lean on those we love to show us aomwthing is wrong and support us.

    1. Totally agree with you. The sad thing is that during depression, people dont even want to reach out for help which is what can trigger these kinds of situations :(.. we are all learning from this unexpected and sad situation.


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