Ma Bella Vita: My Best Friend's Wedding in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic (Part I)

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

My Best Friend's Wedding in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic (Part I)

disclaimer to my best friends: God blessed me with more than one best friend so if you are not Lejla, just know that you are loved just as much. You know who you all are. ;)
So I finally got some of the pictures from the trip in to my computer. Please pardon this delay as I am still sorting through a bunch. I have the feeling I may have to split this experience in to a few blog posts.

What happened to the days when all we had was either our disposable cameras or regular cameras and as soon as the film finished that was it?! Being able to take a gazillion photos (literally) can be a blessing and a curse but we live in such incredible times that I'll take it as a blessing </vent over>.

Anyways, with that said, I'll leave you with some beach photos to start with. These pictures were taken the day prior to the wedding. A day when I made desperate attempts to get a tan (i.e.: walked around the beach, sat under the sun for hours, and the list goes on). Lets just say the attempts resulted in me getting extremely red and then my body proceeded to peel from head to toe for several days thereafter. So I pretty much went from redness to peeling (mission accomplished).

Resort where we stayed at the first night (it was okay. The second one definitely took the cake though):

One of my roommates during the trip (Aneisia) such an amazing girl. Loved making new friends:

Tried to control myself as much as I could as am not a big drinker. However, definitely took advantage of the all inclusive food and drinks. Including this deliciousness:

Quality time chatting it up:

Was able to enjoy this gorgeous sky for about 4 days:

Happy Feet in the Caribbean sand:

The bride also enjoying some quality time and a delicious coconut drink:

Had to take some "spontaneous" pictures by the beach:

...And pretend that this photo was taken without my consent:

Sometimes, thanks to a gorgeous sunny day, all you could see was my silhouette in certain photos- but that's okay.

A few more by the beach:

A picture of some of us girls on our way to the rehearsal dinner: be continued.

And that is all for today. I'll bring you part II and maybe even Part II in the next few days as time permits.

Tell me, when was the last time you enjoyed a nice vacation by the beach?

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  1. How beautiful!! The last time I enjoyed the beach was in Mexico in 2013. My favorite beach of all time was in Grand Cayman. Looking forward to your nxt posts!

    1. Ive never been to Mexico but is definitely on my list!!!! I want to go to conzumel and/or cancun. Hopefully in the near future :) Never been to grand cayman. Where in mexico did you stay?


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