Ma Bella Vita: My Best Friend's Wedding in Punta Cana (Part II)

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Thursday, April 9, 2015

My Best Friend's Wedding in Punta Cana (Part II)

Hello ladies and gents,

Here I am with part II of my short but phenomenal 4 day vacation a couple of weeks ago. Check out Part I if you missed it.

Today I am sharing the pics of the days prior to the wedding-- including a fun night clubbing (our first night at the resort) and bridal shower the day after (when we moved to the nicer resort). And here you have it.

First day shenanigans-

Getting our first drink at the bar:

Picture by the beach at night (before getting ready for dinner + partying):

Getting "warmed up":


Asked the bartender to take this picture before all 'hell' broke loose (kidding):

The next day I woke up as early as possible to enjoy the day. Had some breakfast and then went for a nice walk by the beach. These pics dont do it justice. Day was absolutely gorgeous:

Finally we packed our bags and moved over to the other hotel where the wedding was taking place (if you are wondering why we switched hotels, we were able to get a better deal by breaking it up between two places):

We then proceeded to attend the bridal shower (soooo much fun):

Lejla (the bride) made these lip scrubs for all the girls. Loved it.

Table filled with delicious cookies made by the maid of honor (Lejla's sisiter) and some blue M&Ms. My sweet tooth was doing back flips it was so happy. 

The bride and I.

Lets just say she got lingerie to last her until her 20th wedding anniversary.

Here is a sneak peak- the most "decent" item she got. Ha! :) (everything was so beautiful and delicate):

More pictures with the girls:

Now all I need is the fiance (universe, are you listening? :)...)

After the bridal shower we went over to check out our new room. I fell in love! The decor was super cute and everything felt so fancy and nice (huge difference from the first resort, however, this place was also a lot more expensive). This was at NOW Larimar:

After we relaxed and rested for a bit, it was time to head over to the rehearsal dinner.

The wedding activities took place in about 2 days so everything was kind of back to back. We didn't mind thought. All activities fell perfectly in to place.

Random selfies on our way to the dinner:

The gorgeous bride:

If you ever go to the Dominican Republic make sure you try Mama Juana. You're welcome.

Couple of pictures after the delicious dinner (sorry no food photos. Was too busy getting to know the other guest but i believe I had a ymmy salmon dish):

After the dinner we all lounged near one of the bars and had some drinks with some nice music in the background. Shortly after midnight we all agreed to go back to our rooms and relax for the next day-- the wedding day!!!

To be continued...

Tell me, have you ever tried Mama Juana? can you take a wild guess of what it is? :)


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