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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Welcome April! (and march goals review)

Hey Loves!

I know today is the second day of April and maybe this post should have gone up yesterday but today is the day. Just wanted to give a quick recap of how March went for me in terms of the goals I had previously set in this post: March Goals. Also, share what I plan to do for the month of April (spoiler alert: some of the march objectives will be transferred over to this month). So here is the recap--

1. Continue working out consistently and making a conscious effort to nourish my body with foods that are going to make me feel and be fabulous inside and out. Is totally okay to splurge from time to time but overall, I want to continue making good choices. 

Did a great job with this one. Although there were some splurges here and there (specially during my friend's wedding last week) I did pretty good overall. I am looking forward to switching up my workout routine a bit and maybe start running outside once again (if the weather finally cooperates). Signing up for some races would be awesome.

2. Make a dentist appointment! and actually go in for a consultation. This is so long overdue I cant even begin to tell you.

Nope. Still have not seen a dentist (yikes!!) I'd also like to schedule a physical and just a comprehensive medical exam. Health is wealth.

3. Continue feeding my mind and "eyes" with inspirational podcast and TV/Online shows. I already have my 'set' shows but if you have any recommendations, please share.

I'll mark this one as accomplished. I was also able to find a couple of new podcasts that feed my passion and I am learning so much. Thank god for all the free resources we have access to!

4. Start de-cluttering my apartment one step at the time. Clean at least one of my closets and/or "messy drawers".

I was able to de-clutter a couple of plastic bins that I have in my room. I did this by necessity when I was packing for my trip and needed to find some items. However, must confess, my drawers and closets remain less organized that I'd like. Lets roll that one over to April.

5. Continue my work in running and growing a profitable business, continue making time to do the things I love. Taking it one step at the time, one project at the time. 

This continues to be a work in progress and I am excited about the progress and will continue to work hard towards my objectives.

For the month of April I've decided to simply target those goals I didn't accomplish in March and continue working and making headway on the objectives that are "ongoing". Lets Do This!

Tell me, any specific goals for this particular month? Are you as excited as I am for a "real spring"? :) Let me know!


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  1. I didn't accomplish any de-cluttering in March-- oops! I really need to get back on track with that goal in April.


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