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Sunday, April 5, 2015

What I know for Sure Sundays: The Choice to resurrect in our own lives

I wrote this post about 12 hrs ago on the blogger app but didn't post. My apologies for the delay.

Hello all!

I am happy to say I was able to attend early mass with my mom and heard such an incredible message about the meaning of resurrection.

I was inspired for today's "what I know for sure Sundays" post.

In today's word, it was explained that "the cross" can be a metaphor for many things-- sadness, depression, hardships, overall hard times. We have to remember that just as Jesus had to carry the cross as he was forced to make his way to being crucified; he eventually freed himself from it- from all the pain and hardships- and came back stronger than ever before. 

Hence: moral of the story; when facing hard times, remember all is temporary and everything comes to an end (something I've mentioned many times here on the blog because I know this for a fact).

Work hard to free yourself from that cross. Keep a positive mentality. Is not an easy task by any means! I know this is easier said than done, but make a conscious effort and take it one moment at the time if you have to. Walk towards freedom. Walk towards a better present and future. The past is done. Is dead.
Leave it behind and start fresh with each step going forward.

With that said, what I know for sure is:

"If we have the privilege to be alive in this wonderful world; we have to remember that from time to time we will have to face hardships (our cross)- however, we'll ALWAYS have the choice to prevent the cross from damaging us and instead, choose to resurrect in our own lives". 

And that's all my loves. I will keep it short and sweet today. Happy Sunday and happy Easter.

What hardships can you start resurrecting yourself from today?


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