Ma Bella Vita: Best Grocery Items to get at Trader Joe's (from $1.79 and up)

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Monday, June 22, 2015

Best Grocery Items to get at Trader Joe's (from $1.79 and up)

Hi Everyone!

Happy Monday. Hope everyone had a phenomenal weekend. My weekend was amazing. As planned, I attended my first blogger conference, SoFabU, here in New York City and I was blown away with everything I learned as well as all the amazing bloggers I met. The experience was truly awesome. I look forward to sharing a review of the event in an upcoming post. Please stay tuned for that! I am so glad I attended.

In other news, today I want to share some tips on the best (and most affordable) grocery items you can get at Trader Joe's. This was inspired by a recent visit and based on purchases I have made over the years as well as my overall experience.

Hopefully you have a location near you that allows you to benefit from all the amazing deal the place can offer. If you've never heard of Trader Joe's, the best way I can describe it is as a "much more affordable" version of Whole Foods. You can find organic/all natural products at incredible prices. Whenever people tell me eating well is too expensive I direct their attention to places like TJs. Even if you pay I bit more, your health is worth it, right?

So, without further 'ado, here are some of the best Items I have purchased at the best prices (these items are staples on my grocery list and I pick them up pretty much every time I visit a Trader Joes):

Under $2.00 ($)
Cereal Fig Bars $1.99 
TJs Organic Unsweetened soy milk $1.79
Cinnamon Raisin English Muffins $1.79
World’s Puffiest White Cheddar $1.99
1 Lb bag of yellow Lemons $1.49
Abuelita’s Corn Tortilla $1.99
Three-pack chocolate bars 72% chocolate $1.79
Frozen Fruit Strawberries $1.79
Frozen Brussels Sprouts $1.19

$3.99 and Under ($$)
Organic Broccoli florets’ (frozen) $2.49
Red Seedless Grapes $2.99
Crunchy Peanut Butter with Flax seed $2.99
Sliced Roasted Turkey $3.29
Organic Cinnamon spice oatmeal $3.49
1 LB Cherries $3.99
Frozen Blueberries $2.49
TJs Chicken Sausage 4-pack
Sliced Mozzarella $3.99

“Splurges/Necessary pleasures” $7.99 and Up ($$$)
Organic Sweet Potatoes (3Lb) $4.49
Crunchy Unsalted Almond Butter $7.99
Bouquet of 1 dozen Flowers $7.99

So necessary for my apartment <3 Love having flowers around.

Yes, almond butter cost and arm an a leg but is sooo worth it. Wouldn't you agree?

Awesome go-to as a side for my dinners. I make them mashed, bakes, roasted, and the list goes on

[edited to add: had to remove the printable list. Having issues with google docs. sorry to my readers]

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Tell Me- What is the BEST thing you've ever gotten at Trader Joes?



  1. I love Trader Joe's but the closest location is about 2 hours away! Sometimes hubby stops at a Trader Joe's while he's traveling for work and brings me home lots of goodies! We always pick up Ezekiel bread, cashew butter, and whatever unique treats we can find. I'd love to attend SoFabU!

    1. Wow! I cant believe your location is so far :(. How about a whole foods? is that closer to you?
      ...anyways, I hope SoFabU comes to a town near you, it was so much fun (also, since we are both part of SoFab, hopefully we get to meet one day!)

    2. Our family loves loves Trader Joes! Our favorite things there?? Everything! :-) We love the varieties of ways that you can purchase coconut...milk, water, oil, shredded, chips, dried, sticks, frozen! It's quite insane! It was a pleasure chatting with you on Saturday as we walked in NYC! :-) It was also mu first blog conference and I had an amazing time!


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